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What is a Droptaxi?

Droptaxi is a word coined locally in Chennai to denote outstation taxis charging for the one way distance i.e from pickup to drop.

Typically these Droptaxi service providers charge for a minimum of 130KM’s and include driver bata, toll, and taxes as extra charges to ply you between destinations.

With the increased popularity of the term Droptaxi, there are now a plethora of travel companies both licensed and unlicensed operating in a slight variation of this name Droptaxi.

To genuinely book a Droptaxi, you can always visit our website and get the list of all reliable Droptaxi players in one place. You can compare the prices and their rating and make an informed decision.

Why should I use a Droptaxi?

Traditionally all the inter-district taxi services were charging for both ways. For eg, if you wish to go from Chennai to Madurai, the taxi service provider will be charging for 800 KM i.e you were being charged for the empty distance the driver will be travelling after dropping you off.

But after the proliferation of Droptaxi services, the players started charging for just one way. I.e 400 KM in the above scenario and thereby passing on the values to the customers.

Online DropTaxi Booking with Taxida:

Almost all tourists enjoy travelling to their selected destination by road. It is because a road journey allows you to experience the picturesque splendour at your leisure. Furthermore, the pleasure of travelling in a car with your family and friends is unrivalled.

You can choose for online taxi booking that will make your trip hassle-free. You only have to browse the Taxida Online cab booking portal and select a taxi of your choice.

Pre-booking a Droptaxi

You can pre-book a Taxida, drop taxi service in Chennai or anywhere in Tamil Nadu using our website, by phone, or by WhatsApp in either of the three most convenient ways. You don't have to download anything to use these alternatives. We'll be able to access our website in a matter of seconds. Call bookings service at +91-89392 92000 is available around the clock. For those who prefer a more convenient way of pre-booking with our drop taxi Chennai services, WhatsApp conversation at +91-89392 92000 is another viable option.

Is Your Taxida Drop-off Taxi Service Available in All Areas of Chennai?

Our Taxida operation will take place anywhere in Chennai. Taxida Drop cab services in India are all we do. We referred to our services as "drop taxis in Chennai" because we offer transportation around the city, allowing us to pick up/drop off people at any location.

Book Outstation one-way cab with Taxida:

We provide a One-way drop service as well to any of your destinations inside Chennai or even for your outstation travel.

There's no way back! There is no need to pay more for a one-way drop taxi service in Tamil Nadu because we are the most trustworthy one-way drop taxi service.

Book Outstation Cabs from Taxida:

Taxida provides you with the best outstation cab service in the state of Tamil Nadu. You can feel comfortable and secure when travelling with us and have a good time at a very feasible price. Yes, when we say it we mean it, we provide our service at the best price in the market of taxi services for outstation and you can even compare our pricing with any other cab service providers by cabs booking online.

When should I use a Droptaxi service?

If you are someone looking for an inter-city taxi service to drive you to your hometown or get back to work from your hometown, then the Droptaxi service is the best option for you. Since you will be charged much lesser than a traditional taxi player and also you will be at the convenience of a private transfer.

When you are looking for a travel option to move around with your family for a distance lesser than 250 KM then the Droptaxi services can come in handy and pocket friendly since transporting your family of a minimum of 4 in a taxi can be much more convenient and hassle-free than travelling in a bus/train and getting back.

If you are a regular traveller for work travelling long distances frequently, then Droptaxi is the best solution for you. Since you can eliminate the hassle of you driving or taking a train/bus. The Droptaxi service is also pocket-friendly and helps you save big on your budget.

Travelling by a Droptaxi takes the stress out of your travel and could even result in a faster journey compared to getting the train or bus. If you’re travelling in a group, we have 6-seater taxi and 7-seater taxi options available, which could even work out cheaper than getting public transport, on top of being hassle-free in comparison. For example, it works out cheaper to opt for 7-seater taxi hire rather than the train if you’re travelling from Chennai to Madurai in an AC coach.

How can I book a Droptaxi service?

You can always book a Droptaxi by searching through google and calling them meticulously for tariffs and inclusions. This is, however, a tedious process and you may end up with communication problems leading to payment of additional charges at the end of the trip.

Alternatively, you can use Taxida - A one-stop shop for all your Droptaxi needs.

  • Visit our website or mobile application

  • Enter the pickup and drop location along with your date and time of travel

  • Our smart technology does all the hard work for you and presents you with 30+ quotes from the top of the line, reliable Droptaxi service providers either local to you or your travel destination

  • Now you can compare them based on the rates or their rating and choose one Droptaxi service that you think will best suit your need

  • Make the payment and confirm the booking, you will receive a booking confirmation via SMS and email

  • Sit back and relax, we will share the driver details 2 hours before the trip, and rest assured, you will have a pleasant and memorable journey.

Why should I book a Droptaxi using Taxida?

Well, every single trip booked in Taxida is Backed by Taxida as a part of this guarantee you are ensured that the below-mentioned points are covered for your safety and comfort.

  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the trip
  • 15 minutes free waiting time included as standard
  • Fixed prices for your specific trip, with flash sales every day
  • Airport pickups are monitored for delays
  • Cab Operators are independently rated by customers and can be paid even after the trip
  • Any issues? Contact us day and night, 7 days a week
  • Easily add diverse luggage items and multiple stops

Not only booking a Droptaxi with Taxida is comfortable but also highly reliable considering our impeccable track record operating in this industry.

Our Google rating can be found here:!4m3!3m2!1s0x3a5267629f7a516b:0x3066a962e89bc6d4!12e1?

We have managed to have a rating of 4.8 by providing an exceptional customer experience. We just do not say that the customer is king but we treat them like one. Book with us to experience this never-before comfort and convenience.

We are also recognized by the press and media for our innovative thinking and service.

Article in Yourstory:

Article in regional language:

How much will it cost me to hire a typical Droptaxi and what is Taxida’s offering?

Hiring a typical Droptaxi in this crowded space can cost you anywhere from Rs 13 per km to up to Rs 16 in certain cases. In addition to this, there is a Driver bata typically charged between Rs 300 to 500 and Tolls and Taxes as applicable.

However, with Taxida, we have a smart pricing mechanism by which we ensure you always get the cheapest and most reliable pricing in the market. The empty trips by Droptaxi operators in our platform are consolidated and matched with requests from customers across the country.

In this way, we pass on the benefit of cheaper and quality rides to our customers rather than taking the profit for ourselves.

How safe is it to travel with an operator on the Taxida platform?

Unlike other typical Droptaxi providers in the market, we do extensive background verification for every single Droptaxi operator onboarded into our platform.

This check does not end with our staff merely checking the papers, we also go the extra mile to speak to all the Droptaxi operators and pick the ones who are culturally aligned with our motto to treat customers like a king and provide value to the service.

So booking a Droptaxi with Taxida not only ensures you the cheapest price in the market but also gets you to travel with an exceptional set of handpicked drivers who treat this profession as a service.

Apart from all these, there is 24/7 customer service always at your service. Any trip-related queries/issues will be resolved in a jiffy and ensure a smooth hassle-free experience at all aspects of the travel. You can reach out to customer service at +91 8939292000 we have the best of best to help you with any queries.

What are the payment options available to book a Droptaxi service with Taxida?

When it comes to payment options we have left no stones unturned. We have all the payment mechanisms available in the market to fit your needs ranging from credit/debit cards to UPI to net banking.

We also have partial payment options with free cancellation and book now pay later options for customers who wish to make a cash transaction.

What are the cancellation charges and options available?

You can give us a call at +91 89392 92000 or you can email us at and we will cancel your booking.

We understand that plans can change, which is why we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. We won’t charge you for rides cancelled before 24 hours of the trip time. Even after the 24 hours, we evaluate your cancellation reason and if found genuine we do not charge you even if it is 4 hours before the trip.

If the cancellation is after 4 hours, in that case, we would have allocated a driver and moved him to your pickup point. So we charge a nominal 10% of the trip fare as a cancellation charge. However, we would like to say that never had this happened before in our journey. So rest assured, you can make your booking today and any change of plans can be accommodated without any hassle.

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