Celebrate Safe Diwali This 2021

Celebrate Safe Diwali This 2021

02 Nov, 2021 | Taxida

The most awaited festival of the year is here! But it's a given that Diwali 2021 is bound to be a low-key affair last year, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Various state governments have also advised the citizens to celebrate the festival of light in a careful manner.

Here are some of the tips you can employ to celebrate a joyful, safe, and healthy Diwali!

Don't Forget Your Mask
Masks have become an irreplaceable part of our life these days. So it goes without saying that wherever you are going, keep your masks on, especially in crowded areas. This will not only safeguard you but also others near you.

Don't Use Sanitizers Before Lighting Candles/Diyas
Refrain from using hand sanitiser before lighting diyas. Sanitisers are alcohol-based, which makes them inflammable. Thus, using them right before lighting diyas can lead to fire and burn.

Maintain Social Distancing
It is best to avoid attending a large gathering for the 2021 Diwali party. Try to celebrate the festival at home with your loved ones. If you are bound to meet someone outside your home, maintain social distancing and do not shake hands with them.

Dress Right
Avoid wearing clothing made of synthetic materials while lighting crackers, as they can quickly catch fire. Instead, wear cotton clothes that are both comfy and stylish. Also, make sure you don't wear dupattas and long sarees since they may brush against candles or lamps.

Say No To Hugs
The Tamilian way of saying 'Vanakkam' is the best way of greeting guests this Diwali 2021 to avoid the spread of Covid-19. So welcome your guests in the traditional way instead of hugs and handshakes.

Avoid Street Food
In today's instant era, you can be easily tempted to buy and eat outside food, which can lead to numerous health issues. Instead, you can get together with your family and prepare lovely and tasty delicacies at home. You get to eat healthily and spend time with your folks.

Purchase Good Quality Crackers
Buy firecrackers only from reputable producers, and read the directions before using them. Firecrackers of good quality lessen the likelihood of disasters.

Eat Vitamin C Rich Foods
To boost your body's immunity, make sure you eat meals rich in vitamin C, omega fatty acids, and other high-nutrient foods.

Keep Water Handy
Accidents can happen anytime. So keep buckets of water and blankets nearby; it will be helpful if a fire breaks out suddenly.

The Taxida team wishes you a very happy Diwali! Let the festival bestow your life happiness, prosperity, and health!

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