5 Most Famous Temples in Tamil Nadu - Taxida

5 Most Famous Temples in Tamil Nadu - Taxida

30 Jun, 2022 | Taxida

It is the land of many stories that are otherworldly and mystical, and it is the land in which elaborate architecture, as well as brilliant sculptures of its ancient temples, leave all of its tourists captivated with their astounding beauty.

Tamilnadu a Temples State:

It is only in Tamil Nadu that you will not only have a profoundly spiritual experience but will also have the opportunity to luxuriate in the fascinating designs that continue to tell stories of the state's illustrious history. For those travellers who are looking to connect with the holy, here's a list of the top 5 famous temples in Tamil Nadu.

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  1. Srivilliputhur Andal Temple – Virudhunagar
  2. Nagaraja Temple, Nagercoil
  3. Kumari Amman Temple, Kanyakumari
  4. Thillai Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram
  5. Sripuram Golden Temple, Vellore

1. The Srivilliputhur Andal Temple

The Srivilliputhur Andal Temple is among the most frequented places of worship dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The construction of this holy place began in the eighth century B.C. It was constructed by King Villi, who had a dream in which he saw Lord Vishnu urging him to construct a temple that was dedicated to him. Legend has it that the temple is connected to the lives of two saints named Periyalwar and Andal.

The Glory of Architecture

Andal, who is said to be an incarnation of the Goddess Earth known as Bhoodevi, was discovered in the temple gardens Nandanavanam of Periyalwar when he was only five years old. This is according to the tales. Because he did not have any biological children of his own, he decided to adopt Andal. When Lord Vadabadrasayee's attendant, Periyalwar, was not present, Andal donned the garland intended for him and then put it in the flower basket after he had finished wearing it.

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Periyalwar, however, was oblivious of this fact when he presented the garland to Lord Vadabadrasayee. This carried on for a considerable amount of time. One day, Periyalwar was able to catch Andal in the act, and he was filled with rage upon witnessing her sacrilegious behaviour. That very same night, Lord Vadabadrasayee made an appearance in Periyalwar's nightmares and told him that the only garland he would accept was Andal's. Since that time, the lord Vadabadrasayee has been given the garland that Andal wore as an ornament.


The shrine of Lord Vatapatrasayi (Vishnu) is located in the northeast direction of the temple, and the shrine of Goddess Andal (Laxmi) is located in the southwest direction of the temple. The gopuram of this temple is the largest in all of Tamil Nadu, and it is also used as the emblem of the government of Tamil Nadu.

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Aadippoorem, also known as Andal's birthday, is the most well-known celebration that takes place between the months of July and August. This holy temple is visited by devotees from all around the world in the hopes of receiving the heavenly favour of Lord Vishnu and Andal, as well as finding consolation and experiencing spiritual pleasure.

2. The "Nagaraja Temple"

It is located in the town of Nagercoil inside the Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu. This temple is devoted to the king of the serpents, Vasuki. This temple is devoted to the Naga God, who has five heads, and it is frequented by large crowds of worshipers every day, but notably on Sundays, when a special Pooja is carried out in which milk and turmeric are presented to the god.


During the Tamil month of Avani (August and September), when various specific rites are conducted for a total of twelve days, the temple is visited by an unimaginable number of people who are suffering from the condition known as Naga Dosha.

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Legends that are both delightful and significant

There was once a village girl who was cutting grass in the region when all of a sudden, she spotted blood flowing out of her axe after unintentionally hitting a stone. This is said to have happened in accordance with folk tales and folklore. She hurriedly ran to the village and summoned a few residents here. Among those villagers, one of them identified the stone as an idol of a five-headed snake that had been carved into it.

After that, a temple that was devoted to Nagaraja was constructed, and the walls of the temple were made of mud, while the roof was made of coconut leaves. The main sanctum of the temple still maintains its original mud walls and thatched roof, and inside it is adorned with a miniature stone idol of Nagaraja. It is thought that the blood is still pouring out of the deity up to this day, hence the ground underneath the statue has remained moist over the years. In addition to the fact that it is distributed as prasadam to people who pay a visit to the temple, people think that this soil possesses supernatural abilities and has the ability to treat any skin condition.

Temple Construction and Design

The structure of the temple is not particularly complicated, and several sculptures and representations of various snakes can be found embellishing the walls, trees, and pond in the surrounding area. The main sanctum is where the god is enshrined, and it is protected by two enormous statues of serpents with five heads each. You'll also find a Shivling and a statue of Vishnu positioned in the Anant Shayana position inside the precincts of the temple.

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Because it is one of the most extraordinary temples in India and because it is situated in an environment that is calm and serene, paying a visit here will undoubtedly provide you.

3. The 'Thillai Nataraja Temple

It is one of the oldest temples in Tamil Nadu, and it is well-known for both its religious and artistic significance. The temple is dedicated to Lord Siva in the form of Nataraja, also known as the cosmic dancer.


It is thought that the construction of the temple took place during the reign of the Pallava dynasty in the 11th century, and further restorations took place throughout the dynasties of the Cholas, Pandyas, and Vijayanagara. This temple represents space, which is why it is considered to be one of the 'Panchabhuta Sthalas' along with the Nataraja Temple. The other four 'Panchabhuta Sthalas' is dedicated to the other four elements of the universe: earth, air, water, and fire.

Where is the benefit in it for oneself?

It is thought that the spot where the temple is located is in the geographic centre of the earth's magnetic field. The deity of Nataraja and Sivakamasundri, who is Nataraja's consort, is housed in the primary sanctum, which is known as Chitsabha. It is thought that the Chola dynasty was responsible for the construction of the Chitsabha, which features a golden ceiling. In addition, the temple is home to a shrine dedicated to Sivakamasundri that is known as the Sivakami Amman Temple.

The temple also features a hall with 1000 pillars that is supposed to resemble a chariot. Figures of dancers, drummers, and musicians can be found adorning the walls of both the temple and the hall of the structure, which dates back to the Chola period. As if that weren't impressive enough, the towering gopurams of the temple are adorned with sculptures of Hindu deities, various incarnations of Lord Shiva, and dancers portraying 108 poses from the Bharatnatyam dance form.

A trip to one of the most important temples for Shaivites, this place will undoubtedly help you find a sense of calm and consolation within yourself.

4. Sripuram Golden Temple

Nearly all tourists who travel to South India for the purpose of visiting temples will make a stop at the "Sripuram Golden Temple," which can be found in the city of Vellore in the state of Tamil Nadu and is located on the hills of Malaikodi. The temple is a magnificent site to witness due to its towering height as well as its breathtaking beauty and grandeur. The temple was constructed not too long ago in 2007, and it is devoted to the deity Lakshmi, also known as Sri Lakshmi Narayani. Lakshmi is recognized as the goddess of richness.

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The Glory of Architecture

You are likely to be stunned by the amazingly outstanding carvings, sculptures, artwork, and fine lighting work that these artisans have done on the walls, ceiling, and pillars of the temple.

At night, the shimmering reflection of a temple that can be seen in the body of water that surrounds it is beyond words and is certain to leave you fascinated with its mesmerizing beauty.


Where is the benefit in it for you? Each of the star-shaped routes that lead to the main temple is decorated with passages from the Gita, the Bible, and the Quran. The roads are laid out in the shape of an asterisk. You are illuminated with profound insight and knowledge as you make your way along the routes, taking in the core of the messages along the way. Devotees are able to obtain darshans of Maha Lakshmi, who is ensconced in the inner sanctuary, after traversing the paths and pillared halls of the temple. You are going to be astounded to learn that the actual goddess of Maha Lakshmi is fashioned out of seventy kg of gold.

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