Summer Festival in Ooty - Tourism

Summer Festival in Ooty - Tourism

02 May, 2022 | Taxida

Whereas the Ooty Hills are famed for their grandeur throughout the nation, it is also famous for being the scene of the annually hosted Ooty Summer Festival. Neither an everyday affair nor a typical celebration, this event is an amazing event created with an aim of promoting Ooty’s tourists and showcasing its natural attractiveness amongst people all throughout the world.

Consisting of a vast assortment of fairs & exhibitions, the world-famous festival in Ooty is the ideal cause to arrange a trip down south pretty quickly. Here's a list of all the festival's attractions and activities as well as other activities to do in Ooty, so you can see what's in it for you.

The Ooty Summer Festival, one of the most prominent summer festivals in India, is a 121-year-old event hosted by the Department of Tourism of Tamil Nadu and the Indian Ministries of Tourism and Culture. Though it varies from year to year, the summer celebration in Ooty typically lasts 16 days. Dates for 2022 have not yet been published.

From dance to song and florals to fruits, the festival's primary exhibitions showcase all that defines Ooty's lifestyle and culture. While the majority of these activities take place in the town's botanical gardens, others, such as boat races, take place on Ooty Lake. Witness the Ooty flower festival and all of these other events as well!

Along with religious festivals, the ministry of tourism hosts a variety of fairs and festivals. The Summer Festival is the primary event organized by the Department of Tourism, State of Tamil Nadu, and the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. This is hosted on the grounds of the Ooty Botanical Gardens. The festival's primary features are a flower display and a dog show, as well as a large number of stalls offering locally manufactured handicrafts and shawls.

Numerous other events, including boat races, trekking contests, and children's painting competitions, are also conducted as part of the holiday festivities. Additionally, there are performances by local dancers and folk dances, which are a visual treat and provide insight into Ooty's local culture. During the Summer Festival, the entire town of Ooty transforms into a giant festival site. There really are tourists who come to Ooty expressly for the summer festival in order to optimize their Ooty experience.

On the other side, when animals visit a really serene and quiet location, they experience a sense of emptiness. However, Ooty does have a way of meeting the demands of all types of individuals. It is a rare combination of nature's peace, calm, and tranquilly, with more helpful and kind people you will ever meet, and if you visit Ooty during the festival season, you may even throw your own party.

The Ooty Summer Festival's Best Shows
  • Spice and Fruit Exhibition
  • The Rose Show
The Best Summer Festival Shows

Discover the greatest shows to see during the festival and add them to your bucket list.

Rose show:

This annual show, held at the governmental Botanical Garden in Ooty, has over 300 species of roses. From rose towers consisting of thousands of roses to rose petal rangolis, this festival is a sight to behold. If you are a lover of nature or a photographer, you should attend the event.

Fruit Show:

The Fruit Show, which brings together a variety of fruits under one roof during the summer festival, is an excellent method to demonstrate how art can be conveyed via anything. This event is conducted by the Horticultural Department and is well-known for its 50-year history.

The Spice Show:

which features a variety of spices and the beauty of Ooty plantations, kicks off the Ooty Festival. Whether you're a foodie or an expert, this fascinating show is well worth attending and witnessing while in town.


The Ooty Flowers Show is organized to showcase the finest flower sculptures, authentic and modern flower craftsmanship, and artistry, and to inspire new artists via these magnificent works of art and culture. The Botanical Garden resembles a tropical paradise on earth due to the vibrant beauty of nature, and trust us when we say that it is a sight worth viewing and photographing. Therefore, make arrangements to attend the Ooty flower show in 2022.

Apart from these highlights, the festival also has a Dog Show, a Boat Race and Pageantry, a Heated Air Balloons Show, a Vintage Car Rally, Cultural Programs, Photo and Painting Competitions, and a Vegetable show.

Visitor's Guide To The Ooty Festival
  • This world-famous festival in Ooty attracts over a thousand tourists each year. Therefore, plan ahead and purchase your tickets ok in ahead to prevent last-minute headaches.
  • Choose a hotel that is close to the location of the majority of shows and make your reservation in advance.
  • In May, the weather in Ooty is comfortable in the mornings and evenings, but might be a little hot in the afternoons. Therefore, pack appropriately.
  • Bear in mind to bring your cameras and an additional battery.
  • Carry sunscreen, sunglasses, and other necessary medications and toiletries with you.
  • Preferably purchase tickets for the performances you plan to attend simply to avoid lengthy lineups at the box office.

So this summer event, which showcases the natural beauty of Ooty artistically, is undoubtedly unique not only in the country but also in the world. Therefore, while there is still time, gather your loved ones together, and now that the dates for the Ooty summer festival 2022 are about to be revealed, organize your trip to Ooty by booking your luxury cars with TAXIDA.

Schedule of Summer Festival – 2022: For our readers to plan their trip accordingly this year
Vegetable Show Kotagiri May 7th and 8th
Spices Show Gudalur May 13th to 15th
Rose Show Ooty May 14th and 15th
Flower Show Ooty May 20th to 24th
Fruit Show Coonoor May 28th and 29th

Make your trip with the best ever plan and the right places to visit in Ooty this summer. Happy summer trip.

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