Best 10 Natural Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu

Best 10 Natural Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu

14 Feb, 2022 | Taxida

We are all running wild behind the day-to-day life by dealing with the job, responsibilities, financial needs, and many more but then we all need a free life like a waterfall and that is the reason why whenever we see waterfalls our heart jumps in joy.

It is necessary that we need to go with the flow like waterfalls but then sometimes, we can change our flow to experience the beauty of life by visiting the best 10 natural waterfalls in Tamilnadu

So to keep ourselves away from all the hustle and bustle of the city or our regular machine life and to rejuvenate our mind and soul we have got this best gift from mother nature is Waterfalls.

Will there be anything more refreshing than taking bath in the freshwater that flows from a real height? And the water that comes all the way crossing lots of medicinal plants can heal us definitely from physical and mental stress.

And we all have to wonder by seeing this nature-made beauty by envisioning it directly what else we learn in the whole life rather than loving nature, isn’t it? Tamilnadu is the place where mother nature blessed us with many natural waterfalls in the nuke and corners. You may feel light-hearted and become a kid again only when you take bathe in the naturally cool water when you get to visit the best 10 natural waterfalls in Tamilnadu.

Each waterfall has its unique enthralling beauty and one can have a whale of a time definitely when they visit directly along with their family or friends. So in this article, we are not going to restrict the options we have given you the vast options of almost the best 10 natural waterfalls in and around Tamilnadu and you can choose your destination to visit.


Can you imagine, if water bathing can give you a natural body massage and Ayurveda treatment for all your body ailments with water is what coutrallam will make you get satisfied with it? Yes, because it is believed that Agastya muni with the blessings of Lord Shiva set up his abode and so taking bath will cure headaches and many other diseases. The place is surrounded by more than 9 waterfalls. And also the chitter river is the home where all these falls were born. It is a fact that waterfalls mean coutrallam; we cannot replace it any other place.


Mix up of many rivers and the major rivers Talakaveri flows and falls at Hogenakal and it also creates a beautiful Smokey waterfall which reminds us Niagara waterfalls and hence it is named as “Niagara Falls of India” and one can enjoy CORACLES ride in the water when it is not a season time.


If you want body and soul brought back to life then you must visit this calm and rejuvenating waterfalls of Tamil Nadu located in Theni the waterfall is cascaded into two parts one comes from crossing the forest way and then outflows for 5 km.


A falls where Coimbatore people find their joy by taking bath in monkey falls and it is named after monkeys that you can see in this falls and one can also do trekking to reach this falls. You can enjoy the place and the beauty of these falls when you come during monsoon months.


Along with enjoying the beauty of Periyar wildlife one can enjoy these waterfalls and it is wise to visit these falls from June to October, this is also considered a medicinal river as it crosses the Meghamalai mountain range before it falls.


Visit the highest waterfalls of the state located in batlagundu, Dindigul District and the canter of the attraction is Dum Dum Rock viewpoint from where you can experience an amazing view which will restore your stressful life as light as it can.


It is again a dual cascaded waterfall and it is named after the wife of M.D. Cockburn, in terms of paying back respect for them, introduced the coffee plantation.


Mountain of Death is considered a risky place to visit so one can visit only with friends and not advisable to go with family and it has more hairpin bends which are breathtaking will not travel friendly for all age group people.


Water from Bhavani Sagar dam falls as Kodiveri Waterfalls in Erode. A safe place for the family to enjoy bathing. The best time for visiting this place will be summer to get chilled but most of the time it will be crowded with local area people.


If you want to enjoy it all in one place that includes a temple, boating, waterfalls and to make it more special it has kids swimming pool so this is the falls you can visit with the whole family. Thirparappu is well maintained with parks, dress changing rooms, and greenery.

So what are we waiting for without enjoying the beauty of the best 10 naturally flowing waterfalls in Tamilnadu state?

Happy waterfall Bathinggggggggggg

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