Best 10 Places to Visit in Telangana during Monsoon

Best 10 Places to Visit in Telangana during Monsoon

03 Aug, 2022 | Taxida

Telangana is the newest state in India, so if you are thinking about going on vacation in July, you might want to consider going there. This enchanting location in India is often recognized as an interesting site to visit, and for good reason: it is home to an abundance of stunning landmarks and points of interest.

As an illustration, the tranquil Pakhal Lake in Warangal and the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, which is the largest dam in the southern plains of India, are both examples. In addition, Telangana is filled with well-known pilgrimage destinations, which can be found practically everywhere in the state.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the local culture as well as the cuisine and traditions of the area. This is without a doubt one of the most picturesque locations in all of Southern India, and it offers a wide variety of exciting activities.

10 Locations Close to Telangana That Are Worth a Visit

Examine the following local tourist destinations close to Telangana, and pick the one that suits you best. Because there is no shortage of things to do and see in this area, your vacation will not be wasted on tedium.

1. Medak Fort - An architectural wonder

The history of the Medak Fort dates back to the distant past; today, the Medak Fort is widely considered to be one of the most popular tourist spots in the region that is directly surrounding Telangana. The majority of the fort can now be seen as ruins, yet it nonetheless maintains a significant position among the city's most popular tourist attractions. In its early days, the fortress of Medak was known by the name Methuku Durgam, which means "cooked rice." It was constructed in the 12th century.

It is a massive construction that dominates the summit of a hill, and to the highest point of the fort, one must climb a total of 500 steps. It is renowned for the magnificence of its architecture, which combines elements of both Hindu and Islamic design. Prathama Dwaram, Simha Dwaram, and Gaja Dwaram are the names of the three primary gates that lead into the fort. In addition, the fort preserves the splendour of the past and features a small lake, barracks, and a storage building.

2. Pakhal Lake & Wildlife Sanctuary - amazing natural features

This can be found close to Warangal (50 km away). To go to this place, you will need to take a bus trip or call a taxi to pick you up. Ganapathi Deva is credited with creating this artificial lake in the year 1213 after the common era. The Pakhal wildlife sanctuary is located close by, and it encompasses an area that is 839 kilometres in length. This area is known for its breathtaking scenery and dense, lush forests.

There are many different kinds of animals, and it is a treat for travellers to be able to view so many animals against such a breathtaking background. As they move freely throughout the forest, it is possible to see a tiger or a leopard and to hear them roaring from adjacent locations. You can also see both. The location is serviced by buses that travel directly from Warangal to this location.

3. Warangal - a stunning location

Warangal not only boasts outstanding natural beauty, but also a rich historical legacy dating back to the days when kings and queens ruled the land. The city is one of the five largest cities in the state of Telangana, and it is centred around Pakhal lake.

The name of the city, which comes from the term Orugallu, was given to the location due to the presence of numerous large hillocks there. The area features several historic landmarks in addition to breathtaking natural scenery. Additionally, this city is well-known among students all over the world for being home to NIT, a prestigious educational institution.

The Pakhal Lake, the Thousand Pillar Temple, the Ramappa Temple, the Warangal Fort, the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Bhadrakali Temple are among the most popular attractions. The winter months are the finest time to visit the city as it is the host of the Sammakka-Sarakka Jatra in the months and April.

4. Jain Temple – significant religious destinations

This Jain temple is almost 2,000 years old and can be found in the village of Kolanupaka, which is located 83 kilometres away from Warangal. This temple is home to a number of several miniature statues of the Tirthankaras. It is one of the most important day trips that can be taken from Hyderabad and the surrounding area of Telangana. In addition, it is a significant location for Svetambara Jains. During the time that Jainism was widely practiced in Andhra Pradesh, Emperor Bharata constructed the temple.

There are approximately twenty Jain inscriptions that were discovered there, and it is stated that during the Rashtrakutas period, the area was a thriving Jain centre. Lord Rishabha, Lord Neminath, and Lord Mahavir are the three primary deities that are represented by their idols. The statue is approximately 140 kilometres tall and was carved from a single piece of jade. The temple is known for its stunning architecture as well as its intricate and detailed sculptures.

5. Osman Sagar Lake - magnificent scenery with clean air

The Nampally Railway Station is around 22 kilometres away, while the Golconda Fort is approximately 11 kilometres away. This is yet another artificial lake formed by constructing a dam on the Musi river to create a reservoir. The lake was constructed in 1920 to serve as a source of potable water again for the city as well as to protect it from flooding by collecting water that overflowed from the adjacent river.

The location was given its name in honour of Osman Ali Khan; it is a route that passes over the gates of a reservoir and features a breathtaking panorama together with refreshing air. People are able can and spend all their time all around the lake as there is also some park that has been developed along the lake's shoreline. Even though there are now occasional sightings of small boats on the lake, its initial purpose was to store drinking water, and as a result, there are not many sporting activities that take place on the lake. The only things it can offer its guests are pure water and a refreshing breeze.

6. Chilkur Balaji Temple – the most common focus of attention

This temple was constructed approximately 500 years ago and may be seen in a little village that is located on the banks of Osman Sagar. People who are unable to travel to Tirupati have an alternative in the form of this deity, as it is rumoured that she bestows her blessings on devotees regardless of the circumstances. You must perform 11 Pradakshinas at the temple for the likelihood that your wishes will come true.

Once your wish has come true, you must then return to the temple and perform 108 Pradakshinas in order our appreciation to the deity. This is the only temple in all of India which does not have a hundi and does not accept cash offerings from its worshipers. Around 20,000 worshipers make the pilgrimage to this shrine the most popular intention being to obtain a visa for the United States of America as well as other Western countries.

7. Keesara Gutta - visually attractive and immaculately kept.

It is another centre of pilgrimage located close to Telangana and is well-known for the Sri Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple that can be found there. The Sri Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple has recently undergone renovations, and the temple's presiding deity, Sri Ramalingeswara, is joined by Sri Bhavani and Sri Shiva Durga.

Another ancient temple built in the Gupta style and dating back to the fifth century can be seen in ruins at this location. In that location, there is a primary deity as well as a linga that is one-meter high. The base construction of the linga is meant to represent the womb, which symbolizes life and reproduction. A stunning and meticulously maintained park encompasses the temple on all sides.

8. Ramoji Film City – the largest integrated film studio

The Nampally Railway Station is around 35 kilometres away from this location, which is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. One of the most well-known tourist destinations and recreational hotspots, this location is also home to the largest integrated film studio complex in the world. This location has so many exciting things to discover that even an entire day will not be enough time to see everything there is to see.

One of the most important film production facilities in India is located in this location, which encompasses a total area of 2500 acres. The well-known movie producer Ramoji Rao is the owner of the location, and it was in 1996 when the building was finally finished.

As one of the largest film studios in the world, the location is also recognized by Guinness World Records as a record-holder in this category. It is situated in a verdant environment and has somewhere around fifty film units. The location is well-known for producing a wide range of films in a number of several official languages Of India and also serves as a facility for films from other countries.

Explore this city to take advantage of the many different transportation and leisure opportunities it has to offer. It features a Railway Station, a Temple, Japanese Garden Jail, Princess Street, Eureka, an Airport, Sun Fountain, Gardens, and a lot of other locations and attractions.

9. Mallela Thirtham Waterfall - the place to be

This waterfall, which can be found in the centre of the Nallamala Forests, is a haven of calm and tranquillity for those who come to visit it. Because of its height (150 feet) and its therapeutic qualities, the waterfall is an excellent spot for camping. Tigers are known to roam freely around the area, which makes it possible for nature lovers and adventurers to catch a glimpse of one while on their travels. The presence of a natural park in the region contributes to the region's reputation as a top destination for travellers to check out when the state of Telangana is experie

10. The Ananthagiri Hills - trekker's dream destination

The site is situated approximately 90 kilometres away from Hyderabad and is recognized as one of the earliest sites in which humans established a habitat. Caves, temples, and forts dating back to the medieval period can be found close nearby in the town that is famous for its historical landmarks. The area is ideal for hikers, with some of the most beautiful routes in the world.

Because it is home to one of the world's most extensive coffee plantations, the town exudes an air of old-world allure that is accompanied by the heady scent of freshly brewed coffee. The location is regarded as being one of the most romantic spots to visit in the general vicinity of Telangana and is characterized by its unusual flora and wildlife.

The Borra hills and caverns, the Araku tribal museum, the Musi river, Padmapuram gardens, the walking pathways, and the dolphin nose are among the most popular tourist destinations in the area surrounding the Ananthagiri hills. The Ananthagiri Hills are at their most beautiful and enjoyable over the winter months (16 to 22 degrees).

You are free to get ready, pack your bags, and travel to this location whenever you like. The monsoons are among the most breathtaking times to visit this location. Taking a car trip from Hyderabad to Ananthagiri, where there is a lot of natural beauty to take in, is the easiest and most comfortable method to get there.

It is impossible to become bored in this city because it is home to more than fifty of the world's most popular tourist destinations, all of which are open on weekends., it is physically impossible to feel bored in this city. Consequently, you should not wait any longer to begin planning your trip to Southern India, and you should make it a point to visit all of these locations.

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