5 Cool Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu During This Summer

5 Cool Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu During This Summer

16 May, 2022 | Taxida

There is no better site in Tamilnadu than Ooty, the state's most popular hill station, and is also the state's most popular tourist destination. But the truth is there are a lot many places which are cool and mesmerizing to visit during summer so apart from Ooty we've compiled a list of the 5 nicest places in Tamilnadu, or the 5 hills in Tamil Nadu, for you to consider visiting on your next vacation.

We've provided information on how to get to each of the 5 nicest spots (Tamil Nadu Hills Stations), including how long it is to reach, what to see, when the time to visit, and how to get there. So take a glance at these facts and don't hesitate to contact us to book a cab of your choice for your outstation journey with comfort at an affordable price range

  • Kolli Hills
  • Anamalai Hills
  • Meghamalai
  • Javadi Hills
  • Manjolai Hills


A hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu is known for its natural beauty. The fact that it isn't on the radar of most tourists makes it all the more appealing. It's an adventure in and of itself just to get to Kolli Hills, which sits at an elevation of 1300 metres. This trip's breath-taking splendour and more than 70 jaw-dropping bends and curves make it a must-do for any traveller.

Evergreen trees dominate the Kolli hills, and several animals can be spotted. Walking around the fruit trees or coffee plantations, for example, is an option, as is going on a trip across the area.

Temperatures might range from 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius throughout the winter months.

The best locations to visit in the area.
  1. Kolli Hills and the Arapaleeswarar Temple are
  2. Buddhism's Ettukai Amman Temple
  3. The waterfalls of Agasagangai
  4. Garden of Flowers
  5. Caverns of Siddhas
  6. Observation Point from a Rock Pillar
  7. House on the Water in Vasalurpatty
  8. Tampcol Herbal Farming Company
The right time to visit

As a hill station, Kolli Hills has year-round good weather. Kolli Hills, on the other hand, is best visited from February to December.

Getting to kolli hills: a map

Kolli Hills is 133 kilometres from the nearest airport, Trichy. Kolli Hills is accessible by train from Salem. Kolli Hills is 90 kilometres away.

2. Anamalai Hills

In the Anamalai Hills, Wild elephants can be seen frolicking in the woodland streams or grazing in the thick grass of the area, which bears its name.

Some of South India's highest peaks may be found in Anamalai Hills, along with some of the most beautiful flora and fauna. In the tropical jungles here, you'll discover Black Panthers, Leopards, and Gaur.

Coffee and tea plantations can also be found in the Anamalai Hills, and you may even be able to sample some freshly brewed tea or coffee. Anamalai Hills is one of Tamil Nadu's most idyllic hill stations and the state's 10th-coolest location because of its dense woods, picturesque sceneries, and sweeping carpet of emerald the hills.

Autumn and early winter temperatures in the Anamalai Hills

This is one of Tamilnadu's coolest spots in the winter, with temperatures aged between 18 to 24 degrees Celsius.

The best locations to visit in the area.
  1. Anamalai Hills & Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary Nearby Attractions: Monkey Falls
  2. Crocodile Breeding Facility at Aliyar Amaravati, India
  3. Attakatti \sMirar \sKullipatti \sManompally \sChinnar \sVaragaliar \sManjampatty
  4. Visit Anamalai Hills at the right time of year
The right time to visit

When visiting Anamalai Hills, it is recommended to visit during the rainy season from June to August, and during the winter months from October to February.

Getting to Anamalai hills: a map

Anamalai Hills is 125 kilometres from Coimbatore International Airport and 70 kilometres from Pollachi Railway Station.


Meghamalai is one of the lesser-known hill stations in Tamil Nadu, yet it's a lot of fun to discover new spots. The vast Western Ghats jungles conceal its splendour.

Enthusiasts will relish the chance to encounter Giant Squirrels and butterflies as they go through the lush tropical woodlands.

When it rains, you'll see a lot more species, and if you're a fan of waterfalls, here is the place to go. Tea farms are the greatest places to go trekking, and if you like more rustic activities, you may simply walk along the dusty mountain pathways.

The best locations to visit in the area
  1. Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Meghamalai Falls
  3. Vellamalai
  4. View Point at Maharajamettu
  5. Dams like Thoovanam Dam, Thekkady Dam, Manalar Dam, Iravangalar Dam, Vanniar Dam
  6. Tea, Coffee estates
  7. Cardamom, Cinnamon Estates
The right time to visit

The best time to go to Meghamalai is during the winter (October to February). It's a great time of year to visit because the weather is pleasant and sunny.

Getting toMeghamalai hills: a map

Meghamalai is located 118 kilometres from the closest airport and train station in Madurai.

4. JAVADI(Javadhu) HILLS

If you assume that all of Tamil Nadu's hill towns are located along the Western Ghats, you'd be mistaken. The Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu's eastern region is every bit as stunning as the Ghats, and here you'll uncover previously unknown hill stations like Javadi Hills. The Malayali people have lived here for a very long period, and the area is filled with rivers and forested hills. You'll find a plethora of hiking trails inside the hills, as well as a plethora of species hiding out in the dense foliage.

In the area, there are numerous lakes, waterfalls, and vantage spots from which to take in the stunning views.

Temperatures are typically between 23 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit daily.

The best locations to visit in the area
  1. See the best of Javadi Hills and the Beemanmadavu Waterfall, which is located close by.
  2. Observatory at Amrithi Forest Kavalur
  3. Yelagiri Lake in the Komutteri Mountains
  4. Javadi Hills are best visited in the spring and fall.
The right time to visit

The best time to visit Javadi Hills is between March and May.

Getting to Javadi hills: a map

The nearest airport is Chennai, which is 206 kilometres away, while the nearest railway station is Katpadi, which is 60 kilometres away.

5. Manjolai Hills

Manjolai Hills round up our list of the best places in Tamilnadu.

Manjolai Hills is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Tamil Nadu, and it's well worth a visit.1500 metres above sea level, nestled among the most beautiful tea farms, where the hills are forested and the tea gardens stretch for miles.

Walking the twisting paths is a must activity in this hill station, but the vistas from some viewpoints are even more exciting.

The Manjolai Hills are best visited during the winter months when the forests are blanketed in fog. During the winter months, temperatures can fall as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best locations to visit in the area
  1. Manjolai Hills and the Upper Kodaiyar Dam are the best locations to visit in the area.
  2. The view from Kuthiravetti
  3. Dasan Pool Kuttiyar Dam
  4. a lake called Kakkachi in Japan.
  5. It is the Kuthiravetti Nalumukku of the Manimuthar Tea Estate.
  6. Banatheertham Falls and the Manjolai Tea Estate
  7. Tiger Reserve of Kalakkad Mundanthurai
  8. Visit Manjolai Hills in the spring or fall.
The right time to visit

Manjolai Hills is at its most beautiful from November to March.

Getting to Manjolai hills: a map

Nearby airports include Tuticorin and Thiruvananthapuram. At 63 kilometres away, Tirunelveli Junction Railway Station is the nearest train station.

We have got you all the unique options apart from the usual Ooty, Kodaikanal & Nilgiris for you to visit during this summer to make your summer cooler than ever without any air conditioner so keep these spots on your bucket list for this summer and make a Happy summer 2022.

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