Best Spots To See In Tamil Nadu During The Winter Season

Best Spots To See In Tamil Nadu During The Winter Season

10 Feb, 2022 | Taxida

The Winter season is here and the weather is so lovely. Tamil Nadu has many places to visit and enjoy during the winter. Most of them are located in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu, which gets a slightly cooler climate than other parts of the state.

You may think that's why we have it particularly during the winter season, isn’t it? But we have a solid reason for that, if you do a general study about Tamilnadu’s climatic condition or if you are a Tamilian then you will be aware of how the climate will be during the summer season in Tamilnadu.

Who wants to get dried under the hot sun like a dry fish that too in the name of the trip, no one will choose to yes, right?

And then the climatic condition during summer will be really hot in Tamilnadu but still, you can visit some cool places but then think if you are visiting those cool places as well as other hot places during winter will be the wise person’s choice.

And most importantly the motive of a tour plan or a picnic is to visit the lovely places in and around the location that we go to, so, if we go on a picnic during summer we will get tired easily and we can make only 5 sites out of 10. Instead, if you go during winter then you will enjoy the sites along with the cool breeze too.

We can’t predict rain during summers due to the heat waves. It may rain any time in hot summer but this will not be the case in winter and there won’t be any last-minute cancellation in the plans due to heavy rain in winters.

And you can visit any kind of places during winter say for example if you are visiting hill stations it will be cooler than usual and you can make your trip more like an intimate romantic trip and also if you plan to go visit the coastal areas and you can also enjoy the cool breezier wave rather than the hot wind from the waves due to the humidity.

And we are very happy to guide you with those places that you can visit from the vast choices of places that are inside Tamilnadu and from the list we have made a crisp list of 5 best places to visit during winter to make your trip more special.

  • OOTY
CHENNAI _ trendy city

First and best on this list is Chennai city even when Tamilnadu is covered with many hill stations, waterfalls, temples, and many more but then Chennai always stands as a unique identity of Tamil Nadu and the Tamil people. Chennai has also been the city for thousands of other state peoples as well and it is where most of their dreams come true in terms of their education, career, and even more. To witness this cultural diversity with unity along with the historic temples, high-class shopping malls, elegant beaches which stand as the second largest in the coastal line.

One can also taste any cuisine to entertain your taste buds and also get entertained knowledgeably from Asia’s largest library and also get a chance to see the symbol of vintage sparkles including the oldest railway station, churches, and even a college. We suggest our visitor’s visit during winter is because Chennai will be at the peak in terms of heat during summer so you cannot make it to most of the sites and it will be cool to be there during winter.

MADURAI _ city of temples

This is the city that never sleeps from the ancient times and it still keeps its very olden traditions till date and also it is mentioned as an Athens of East and this the city which came into habitation even before Christ. Madurai is famous for its richness in praising its heritage and the people who are living there. Everyone knows Meenakshi Amman temple, Alagar kovil, Thirumalai naiyakar mahal are famous in Madurai.

These are the places that add some beautiful colors to Madurai. On the other side 24×7, available shops add extra colors to the sleepless beauty of this place. And also when it comes to food Madurai is famous for its jigarthanda shop, Kari dosai, and lots of food that the visitors shouldn’t miss out on tasting all those ultimate signature dishes of this location.

Gandhi Museum, Raja Mudhaiya mahal, Thammukam, Rajaji park, Vaigai dam are the most important places that every tourist should visit. Simmikal , Therkku vasal , Goripalayam, Arapalayam ,Periyar,M.G.R bus stand ,Sellur are the soul parts of madurai city.

Every city has its beauty with it but the one thing that differentiates Madurai from other cities is its simplicity and the people living at Madurai. People in Madurai are always loving and caring compared with other cities. Every city has its flaws but the major thing is how it exposes and maintains its grade by overcoming its demerits. Madurai has its unique language style too which can also attract those who listen to it.

Above all Madurai will be a super-hot city too so if you want to have a sweatless trip then you should not miss the opportunity of visiting this lovely city during winter.

OOTY _ Queen of hills

Who doesn’t want to travel in the vintage steam engine train on the railway line that was built by the Britishers in 1908? and who wants to miss the best homemade chocolates isn’t it? Along with this enjoy the most pleasant valley planted with the tea and the eucalyptus trees. You can see the most 0recious and very special botanical garden which was laid by the 1st world war prisoners and it’s a hill station so you can imagine the climate during winter so yes pack your winter jacket before you start.

KODAIKANAL _ Princess of all the Hill stations

The statuesque beauty of Kodaikanal can make any visitor left bewitching. So who can deny experiencing the enchanting beauty of this place that too during winter? It will be the most appropriate climatic condition to have a romantic date with your loved one by taking a walk in Coaker’s walk and rowing a boat in the lake and doing cycling and many more with your partner. The highest level of adventure during the coolest ever climate will make the best company.

KANYAKUMARI _ The Land's End

No wonder it is mentioned as the land's end because it’s the southernmost tip of India. It has the most unique sites including almost everything a tourist wishes to visit. Yes, it is covered with the coastal area along with half of the town is covered with greenery that resembles god’s own country and many waterfalls and also surrounded with mountains so in one word ALL IN ONE is Kanyakumari.

Also, experience the beauty of the Tri-sea. Yes, a place where the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean meet with the largest man-made monument of the greatest Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar statue, stands in the middle of the sea with great pride for the Tamil language and the people, and also the identity of spirituality and famous Indian Monk Swami Vivekananda’s rock memorial is also in the middle of the sea that anyone can get goosebumps when visited.

So what are you waiting for? Just pack your back bags with all the winter necessary dresses including jackets, socks, shoes, and shawls to keep you warm while enjoying those 5 idiosyncratic locations during winter.

Happy winteringgggggggggggg

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