Discover Pet-friendly Chennai with Your Furry Friend!

Discover Pet-friendly Chennai with Your Furry Friend!

03 Jul, 2023 | Taxida

Discover the Unending Allure of Chennai: Amidst the lively streets of Chennai, there is a world waiting to be explored. While the city bustles with activity, it's essential to consider the perspective of our beloved pets, who often spend their days patiently waiting for us to return home. Recognizing the deep bond we share with our furry companions, we are committed to providing them with the care and support they deserve. With that in mind, we have carefully selected a range of pet-friendly destinations in Chennai, tailored exclusively for devoted pet parents like yourself.

With Taxida, you can witness your pets' tails wagging in pure excitement as you reach for your phone to reserve a cab for your unforgettable journey. Our pet-friendly taxis are equipped to accommodate your furry friends, making every trip a joyous experience for both you and your pets.

Embrace the spaciousness of Chennai by exploring the city's pet-welcoming destinations, where you can let your furry babies roam free and bask in the warmth of Chennai's hospitality. From serene parks and beaches where they can stretch their legs and play to charming cafes and restaurants that offer delectable treats for both humans and pets, Chennai has it all.

Discover the joy of strolling along the Marina Beach promenade with your furry companion by your side, relishing the fresh sea breeze and the rhythmic sound of crashing waves. Visit the vibrant Guindy National Park, where you can immerse yourself in nature's beauty while your pets explore the lush greenery and encounter fascinating wildlife.

After a day filled with adventure, indulge in a well-deserved treat for your furry friend at one of Chennai's pet-friendly cafes. Before we start with the list we want you to know that these cafes do not offer a specialized dog food menu, they do understand the importance of catering to pet owners. They are willing to accommodate requests for pet-friendly human food options, ensuring that you and your furry companion can enjoy a pleasant dining experience together. These establishments prioritize the comfort and happiness of both you and your pet, creating an inclusive atmosphere where pets are welcomed. While you may need to make specific requests for your pet's dietary needs, these cafes are committed to making your visit enjoyable and memorable for both you and your four-legged friend.

How to book a pet-friendly cab with Taxida?

To enjoy a convenient experience when booking a pet-friendly ride with Taxida, just visit our website and secure your reservation as you would for a regular taxi ride. During the booking process, please remember to include a comment stating that you require a pet-friendly ride.

If you have any further queries any issues while booking, please contact our dedicated customer support team at +91 89392 92000 and inform them that you will be accompanied by pets or you can make the booking directly using the app as well. Taxida is proud to offer pet-friendly services in major bustling cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and others.
To gain more information on booking a pet-friendly ride call us at +91 89392 92000.

Expert Tips for a Fantastic Outing with Your Canine Companion:

•Remember to pack a water supply and a portable bowl to quench your pet's thirst while outdoors. The scorching heat and fatigue can be overwhelming, so having water readily available can be a lifesaver. •Be prepared for unexpected situations by keeping extra dog-friendly snacks readily accessible. •Ensure your furry friend is well-nourished and in good spirits before embarking on your adventures, especially for long excursions. •When visiting public areas, always have a poop scoop and waste bag on hand to easily clean up after your dog. •Carrying leashes and muzzles is essential. Despite our love for dogs, some people may feel uneasy around them. It is advisable to keep your dogs leashed unless in designated free zones. •Carry important documents, such as vaccination records, to demonstrate that your furry companion is safe to be around others.

Introducing a world of pet-friendly delights in Chennai!

• PH Cafe (Psychedelic Hues) Nestled in Egmore, this café offers a delightful outdoor seating area where you can bring your furry companion and enjoy a wonderful time together. While their breakfast options are highly recommended, the café also presents an enticing array of dishes for a satisfying meal. From pasta and sandwiches to vegetarian steaks, fish, chicken dishes, and sizzlers, there's something to please every palate. It's worth noting that the café closes at 9 pm, so if you're planning to visit for dinner, it's advisable to arrive early to fully relish your dining experience. Don't miss the opportunity to visit this pet-friendly café, where you can indulge in delicious food and create lasting memories with your furry friend.

• Drizzle By The Beach, Palavakkam, Chennai Experience the picturesque sea view alongside your beloved furry friend at this laid-back dining bar situated in ECR. With both indoor and outdoor seating options, including a rooftop area, you can choose the ambiance that suits you and your pet best. The bar offers a lively atmosphere with live music and karaoke, ensuring a fun-filled experience for everyone. On the ground floor and the rooftop, pets are warmly welcomed, allowing them to be a part of your dining adventure. Whether you opt for à la carte or buffet dining, you can relish a satisfying and flavorsome meal. Soak in the scenic surroundings, indulge in great food, and create lasting memories with your pet at this pet-friendly dining destination.

• ATTE - Glocal Cafe, Besant Nagar, Chennai This compact and quirky cafe in Besant Nagar is home to two super-friendly dogs - A husky named Whiskey and a bulldog named Madras. These two will keep you company as you dine and play board games at this cafe! You're welcomed to bring your pets too and let them play with and meet other dogs. Also, their pasta and shakes are cool and affordable! Need we say more? Just take your pets there now!

• Twisty Tails Renowned as one of the most popular pet-friendly resto-cafes in Chennai, this establishment has garnered a well-deserved reputation since its relocation to Ananda Road in Alwarpet. Twisty Tails continues to provide an exceptional dining experience for both guests and their furry companions. This restaurant offers a delightful ambiance where pets can roam and play freely while you indulge in delectable dishes. It's an ideal destination for a memorable outing with your pets, allowing them to enjoy their own unique "date" as you savor the flavorsome cuisine. Embrace the joyous atmosphere and create cherished moments at Twisty Tails, a must-visit restaurant that truly understands and embraces the bond between humans and their beloved pets.

• Chamiers Café Chamiers Café is renowned for its captivating old-world charm, offering a delightful indoor dining experience. However, tucked away at the back of the café, you'll find a pet-friendly outdoor seating area in the form of a charming garden. This tranquil space allows you to enjoy a meal with your furry friend by your side, basking in the beauty of the surroundings. It's important to note that if you wish to explore the various boutiques housed within the café, it's advisable to make arrangements to leave your dog with a friend or companion. While your pet may not be able to accompany you on your shopping excursion, you can still relish a peaceful and pet-friendly dining experience in the lovely garden area of Chamiers Café.

So, let the love and companionship between you and your pets flourish as you embark on a remarkable journey together in Chennai. Reserve a Taxida cab and unlock the endless possibilities that await you and your beloved furry friends.

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