7 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Tamil Nadu for Newlywed

7 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Tamil Nadu for Newlywed

08 Mar, 2022 | Taxida

Even when you are from Tamilnadu, you will only think of Darjeeling, Kashmir, or some other spots when you have planned for a honeymoon inside India or it may be like Bali, Paris, and so on if you plan it outside India but we never give it a thought of being and visit any honeymoon places inside Tamilnadu and it is all because of lack of knowledge about the speciality of many places that we live in and another reason is that we are all enamoured towards those foreign places more than our motherland too.

Most of the time we will miss the moon on counting stars likewise we will not celebrate the best places in our state which will be very near to go instead we will make a bucket list of visiting the places that are far.

As we all have lethargic thought that we can visit the places inside our state anytime and we always feel that only during special occasions we can visit outside India. Marriage is a one-time occasion in life and so especially when someone is getting married it will be very eager question from everyone that which country that they are going to visit for the honeymoon so we all wanted to show off more than spending quality time with our loved one and that is the reason why we choose the most famous and the familiar foreign places for our spending honeymoon time more outside India that other were longing to go than inside India.

And in the end, this will lead us to miss witnessing the beauty of our motherland with our loving partner. And above all India is the only country which has all kinds of landforms, the best seashore, many beautiful &natural waterfalls, ancient sculpture, palaces, temples, and the very old culture and the tradition that we still follow our ancestor’s way.

Above all, Tamilnadu is the best destination ever for any newlywed couple to choose for their honeymoon. Yes, don’t get surprised most of us don’t consider Tamilnadu as their honeymoon destination but right after reading this article you will never think of any other destination for your honeymoon rather than this 5 best honeymoon destination in Tamilnadu


MEGHAMALAIMountains of Clouds

Blue sky on top of your head filled with fluffy clouds will be the best romantic view that you can create for your loved ones on your honeymoon, isn’t it? We all need a high place and away from the usual world then meghamalai will be the must-visit place for your honeymoon. And You can peck a perfectly with your couple at the perfect place where the cloud peck mountains.

Yes, as guessed it is the hill station that can amuse your life partner with the spots like Wildlife Sanctuary, Vellimalai, Cloud Land Falls, Tea, and cardamom estates to make your honeymoon more aromatic. Meghamalai is located in the Theni district and this is one of the exciting spots offered by mother nature for Tamilnadu. So no more waiting holds the hands of your soul mate and enjoys the scenic view of a dense fa dense forest

OOTYQueen of Mountains

We have already spoken a lot about OOTY many times and we also cannot deny the truth that this will be the best romantic place in Tamilnadu. Let’s imagine and see how a honeymoon trip in Ooty will be. Crossing the Mesmerizing passages sitting near the apple of your eye and enjoying the best landscapes and also do not miss out on taking your love to the greenery of thread garden, Tea estates, and Ooty lake. As we said already no one can ignore the truth that Ooty is the brand ambassador for the honeymoon with unique cool weather throughout the year and make the trip a fairy tale for your queen of life at the queen of hills.

KODAIKANALPrincess of Hills

Another alluring spot that Tamilnadu is blessed with and it is the equally combative place to Ooty with the climate and the spots will make your partner fall for you as it will be that stunning and the most perfect location to take pictures of your life’s best time to share the memories with the kids in future. One can hold hands with the spouse and ride a couple riding boat in the lake or walk-in Bryant Park with her so what else do you need to cuddle with your princess by being in the princess of hills right?

KANYAKUMARIComplete Beach Destination

COUTRALLAMKing of Waterfalls

Pleasing and sterling waterfall honeymoon destination in TamilNadu is undoubtedly coutrallam will be in top of the list and this will be the place where you can have a lovey-dovey bath at the natural waterfalls and can click some memorable moments too at the charming waterfalls from the hill so double dhamaka at one spot to chill.

VALPARAIRomance With Nature

Share an exciting hill ride with your partner on the western ghats at Valparai a picturesque spot filled with beautiful hills to our fire camp and make it romantic at the top of the mountain watching stars and the moon from your camp with a campfire. Also, witness the wildlife, Waterfalls, Dams, estates in one place.

ChennaiCuddlesome Mountain

Of course last but not least a city close to the heart of many people so why not plan a honeymoon in Chennai? The best honeymoon in one of the best cities in the country. Plan and make a stay at a star hotel for making your honeymoon fanciable. Have a Hi-fi honeymoon by taking your love to the beach resort, Candlelight dinners, pub parties, and shopping at a mall. So make a metropolitan honeymoon for your loved one if she loves city life.

So choose any number of spots and make your honeymoon a lifetime memory and also you can be proud of spending a honeymoon at a cultural land with the most stunning destinations.

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