5 Cool Places to Visit in South India During This Summer

5 Cool Places to Visit in South India During This Summer

02 May, 2022 | Taxida

Summer is an excellent time to get away from your stressful schedule and go on vacation. Even though the temperature is scorching, summer is the best time to visit South India. The most adventurous outdoor activities are up-and-running, and the beaches are sparkling in the sun.

If you're planning a summer holiday, we recommend packing your bags and heading to one of the top destinations to visit in South India during the summer, which we've listed below.

  1. SAKLESHPUR – Enthusiast's paradise
  2. PERIYAR – Spectacular natural beauty
  3. DANDELI – Natural Splendour
  4. VELLIANGIRI HILLS – Charming nature
  5. TIRUPATHI – Spiritual wonder
  6. KASARGOD – Gem of God’s own country
  7. MADIKERI – Nature delight

1. Sakleshpur:

A small town in the state of Karnataka is a hill station amid the heights of India's the Western Ghats. Sakleshpur's economy thrives because it is bordered by a surprising amount of coffee, tea, and spice plantations. Besides that, with the recent growth in tourism in the area, locations to go to Sakleshpur have lately gained a lot of attention for their beauty and the unique experiences they provide. Bisle View Point provides a 360-degree view of the region and surrounding hills, as well as the area's rainforests.

The Pushpagiri, Dodda Betta, and Kumara Parvatha Hills may all be seen from here. Kleshpur is a trekking enthusiast's paradise, which is why this town has redefined the term "trekking" by starting something new like Railway Bridge Hiking. And, when it comes to places to stay in Sakleshpur, nature stays in Sakleshpur are sure to take your final breaths with their settings, features, and comfort, as well as the local hospitality you'll find here.

2. Periyar:

Often known as the Spice Village is a small town on Kerala's outskirts. Amid Kerala's spice gardens, the scenic destination is surrounded by small, charming homes. Tourist attractions in Periyar give you an ethnic experience because of its distinctive feature of being an area free of noise and pollution.

The Periyar River, also known as Vandiperiyar, flows through the village's heart, supplying water to different tea and coffee plantations. Vandiperiyar is bordered by a slew of tea manufacturers, luring travellers in to sample the multiple kinds of coffee and tea on offer.

Pullumedu quarries are located along the Periyar River's course. Pullumedu is a great place to visit because of its many plantations, beautiful green foliage, bushes, and sprawling lawns and greenery. On the stream of Pullumedu, there is also a renowned Shree Ayyappa Temple. It is one of Periyar's most serene places due to its unique surroundings and dynamic vibe. Pullumedu's densely covered woodland provides a sense of belonging.

Periyar village is one of Kerala's most popular tourist destinations and one of the top tourist spots in the state. Periyar, with its animals and spectacular natural setting, adds to Kerala's beauty and charisma.

3. Dandeli:

It is known as South India's adventure capital. It is synonymous with calm and adventure. Dandeli is a beautiful Karnataka township nestled among the rocky paths of the Western Ghats. This location is located at a height of 1551 feet above sea level.

Dandeli is known for its greenery and pathways. The appeal of this location is mostly due to the challenging treks and natural splendour of the Western Ghats. The lush green landscapes are home to a diverse array of vegetation and fauna. Apart from the exciting sports, there are various historical sites to visit, such as the Ulavi temple and the ancient caves of Kaval.

Dandeli has a subtropical climate with the Western Ghats as a prominent impact. The temperature can range from 20 to 42 degrees Celsius. The weather in this area is influenced by its proximity to the Arabian Sea. The greatest time to visit Dandeli is during the post-monsoon season, from October to January. The weather is also pleasant from September to November when it begins to chill down.

4. Velliangiri hills

Another location in the state of Tamil Nadu stands out in India, making every minute element stand out and leaving a lasting effect on visitors. Many people refer to the city of Coimbatore as Kovai.

Coimbatore, also known as Kovai, is located in the south and also has a lot more to offer travellers. While you're here, there's nothing you can do but appreciate the majesty and grandeur of the location. The green hills, vast ghats, and gorgeous waterfalls make it one of Coimbatore's most popular tourist sites. In terms of culture, education, geography, and ethnicity, this city stands out. The city is charming all the way through, with many activities to offer in every nook and cranny.

The area enjoys a particularly nice climate, thanks to the presence of lush green forests to the north. In terms of culture, Coimbatore as well as its people have established a reputation for being renowned around the world for its entrepreneurial prowess. The location is revered as India's traditional capital and is held in high regard by everyone who has visited.

5. Tirupati:

Popularly known as Andhra Pradesh's Spiritual Capital is situated in the state's Chittoor district. Tirupati's temples, undulating hills, valleys, gorgeous beaches, and rivers, all bathed in natural splendour, warmly welcome millions of visitors each year.

Tirupati is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh, drawing both local and foreign visitors. Tirupati is located on the Seshachalam Hills' foothills, and nature has blessed it with not only hills and rivers, but also some of the best flora and fauna in its National Park, which is named after the famous temple. Critically endangered bird species such as the golden bulbul, oriental light-skinned vulture, grey-faced green pigeon, and others can be found in national parks. It also supports 1500 plant species from 174 families, including rare species such as red sanders and sandalwood, among many others.

The region's arts and crafts are famous for their complexity. For all tourists, the architecture surrounding the temples has long been a source of intrigue and information. The archaeological museum houses a large variety of Hindu gods and cultural relics excavated from various locations.

Tirupati offers stunning vistas amidst the greenery and lap of nature of Andhra due to the nice weather during the winter and early spring. Every year, hundreds of Hindu pilgrims visit Tirupati. Tirupati has rich delights to offer the world, from the famed Vaishanavite Temple of Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Swami temple to other ancient monuments.

The Horsley Hills tucked away in Andhra Pradesh's heartland, are a rare gem, a group of hills that are an extremely stunning sight to see. The hills, at an elevation of 1290 metres, don't have much in the way of activities, but visitors come from far and wide for the spectacular vistas, delectable food, and laid-back atmosphere combined with pleasant weather.

6. Kasaragod

Go to the southern parts of India and "God's Own Country" to find a gem that gives tourists a lot of fun things to do on vacation. Kasaragod is in the well-known Western Ghats, and a lot of its landscape shows this. Green hills, as well as coconut gardens, create lovely oases that are fun to explore, while the Sea to the west wants to invite you to visit unspoiled beaches. Kasargod's tourist spots include historical buildings, religious sites, places where people do rituals like theyyam, and forms of art like yakshagana as well as gombeyaata. If you're lucky, you can see events like the Sarvajanika Ganeshotsava and the Mallikarjuna temple festival.

Kasaragod, like most of Kerala, is a great place for tourists. You won't have trouble finding a place to stay. It's also easy to get from each target to another because transportation is easy to find. But even though it's a popular tourist spot, it doesn't feel too built up. It still has some of the charms of the old days, which gives it a unique personality.

7. Madikeri

It is a city in Karnataka located between Mysore and Mangalore, nestled in the lap of heavenly nature. In Madikeri, picturesque vistas, brilliant waterfalls, temples, monasteries, and other tourist attractions are nestled within the lush green forests. Furthermore, visitors come from all over the world to enjoy the enormous natural beauty and the tranquil and calming environment. Madikeri is also instantly appealing due to its diverse collection of ancient buildings, civilizations, and unique traditions.

Parks like Kote Betta and Mercara Gold Estates Coffee Farm are must-sees for nature lovers. Individuals can stare out at the enormous greenery and diverse flora and wildlife that spread up to the horizon in the parks. Madikeri's attractions and locations are ideal for a family getaway or extended vacation. In a word, the city is a wonderful destination for travellers due to its numerous monuments and architectural delights, natural delights, and a slew of exciting activities such as Madikeri trekking and rappelling. So, if you're planning a weekend escape during the monsoon season, Madikeri is a must-consider destination.

Ultimately, if you want to go to a cool place in summer, then you should choose one on this list. Above mentioned tourist spots are sure to give visitors an experience that you'll never forget. The experience was so great that you will remember it for the rest of your life and tell your loved ones about it. So, we made a list of them, such as the best possible time to go, the best places for tourists, and the best accommodation types. Read on to learn more about South India’s top destinations to make your summer the cooler one.

Happy Summer …..

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