Valentine's Day Places To Go In Chennai

Valentine's Day Places To Go In Chennai

12 Jan, 2022 | Taxida

Without a doubt, we all will choose CHENNAI when it comes to a place to buoy up in life but when it comes to love we always look for options like Ooty, Kodaikanal and so on.

Even native chennaitians won’t prefer Chennai for celebrating their love life. The main reason is that we aren’t aware of many of the striking places in and around Chennai which will leave you stunning.

Most of the places are as pretty as a picture that we cannot even think of. Those places are there in a hustling CHENNAI city but the reality will amaze us when we get to know about all those best places to go in Chennai.

And to our surprise, those places will be the best place to strike awe on valentine’s day with your valentine. Come let’s not drag on knowing those best places to go for valentine day in Chennai and thank us later for not breaking your bank by travelling so far to make your valentine day a jaw-dropping one.

We made it a bolt from the blue for you & to your valentine by choosing these best 5 places to go for valentine day in Chennai

  1. Besant Nagar BeachHold her hands and walk on
  2. East Coast RoadGrab him and Ride-on
  3. Theosophical SocietyLove Her and explore on
  4. MuttukaduKiss her and Sail on
  5. The BarkDine with her and cuddle on
Besant Nagar BeachHold her hands and walk on

Beach and love are always inseparable to make the best pair for any valentine couple to bill and coo & smooch and snuggle at Sand & waves, what else can make the best valentine day other than spending a day by holding the hands of your valentine and walking along at a calm beach.

Show her the best sunrise & sunset with an ice cream bite is the best idea to impress your valentine more by spending less.

East Coast RoadGrab him and Ride-on

It will be a daydream for almost half of the young boy’s crowd to take his girl to an ECR ride on their bike, which is also a royal road to reach your valentine’s heart. ECR rise will always be the apple of the lover’s eye because this road is an eternal beauty filled with greenery and the best beaches and it also stands for an artistic symbol of our ancestors love towards art as Mahabalipuram Temple is one of the best 5 places to go for valentine day in Chennai

Theosophical SocietyLove Her and explore on

The tranquil gaze of the Theosophical Society will make your partner fall in love with you without making much effort as the place is surrounded by almost 100 hectares of frondescence in a buzzing city and you can get amazed with your valentine to see a 400-year-old banyan tree and explore the cultural heritage of the old madras together with poetry to make a poetic love.

MuttukaduKiss her and Sail on

It will be a dream spot for most of the Chennai city couples to visit Kerala for a backwater boat ride but why travel so far when you can experience the same at the border of the city where you can also do some adventurous activities like windsurfing, water skiing, and speedboat riding at muttukadu “a backwater area of the Bay of Bengal”

Where you can steal a march on getting a hug from your valentine while riding a speed boat can be the unique and one of the best 5 places to go for valentine day in Chennai

The BarkDine with her and cuddle on

what is so special about this restaurant and why a special mention for this restaurant on this blog is what all your question right?

We choose this restaurant to make it work out for you on this valentine’s day if you take your valentine’s to this restaurant. Yes, the specialty of the restaurant is we can dine with cute furry doggy friends and we can cuddle with them this can make any girl go crazy about it, then she will be on cloud nine to fall completely in love with you.

We gave you the best 5 places to go for valentine’s day in Chennai to make your valentine’s fall head over heels in love and tie the knot this year and make 2022 the best valentine’s day of your lifetime.

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