Kodaikanal Spots to Visit in 2 days | The Best Guide

Kodaikanal Spots to Visit in 2 days | The Best Guide

07 Feb, 2022 | Taxida

Decuple places to have fun with your couple, colleagues, friends, or even family for two days and also to stay away from all the hectic day-to-day situations, office pressures, busy and noisy city atmosphere everyone one will be dreaming about escaping into the place we see in Hollywood fairy-tale movies which so filled with beautiful flowers, snow-covered mountains, dewdrops filled greeneries, mesmerizing waterfalls with best climatic conditions isn’t it?

This all can be achieved in one single location of South India called KODAIKANAL and it is also named as “Queen of hill stations” exactly after witnessing the beauty of the place as it stands as the brand ambassador of natural beauty with no doubt.

So if you are planning to get lost in nature then definitely one should choose KODAIKANAL in the first place and even if you did not get more days of holidays from your busy scheduled city life then this guide of spending quality time by visiting these 10 splendid places in Kodaikanal just in 2 days is more than sufficient to rejuvenate your body and soul and also to give your family a refreshing fatafat trip

Best of all try to book a best in the class hotel to taste authentic food items to have a change from your regular food and also to have the best balcony view to make your trip more romantic with your partner and for your kids to enjoy the best view as well.

After a long travel, we all need to have a good rest and that is what we all expect in a trip and at this hilly location with an excellent chilling climate so after reaching Kodaikanal get a good sleep for an hour or two to make yourself ready for the adventurous site visit.

So split your two days with 5 site seeing places to visit each day and also make sure you keep covering all of your trip companions’ expectations get fulfilled. Say for example visit the temple if senior citizens are there and make sure you go boating with your couple and take your kids to the park for them to enjoy.

Come let us help you with the complete guide of Kodaikanal with the 10 best places to visit,

  • Kodai Lake
  • Bear Shola Falls
  • Bryant Park
  • Kurinji Andavar Temple
  • Dolphin’s Nose
  • Shenbaganur Museum
  • Coaker's Walk
  • Pillar Rocks
  • Guna Caves
  • Pine Tree Forest
Kodai Lake:

Human-made effort results in a beautiful lake and one can visit this authentic water lake and can ride your pedal boat on your own with your kids and partner or just enjoy nature by just sitting and having a peaceful from the boat when the professional rowers rowing the boat and also have a long walk at night with your partner to keep it more intimate or one can rent a bicycle and recreate the Annamalai movie song of “rekkai Katti parakathu adi Annamalai cycle” like Rajini and kushboo. Just kidding but fun guaranteed.

Bear Shola Falls:

During season time almost all the spots in Kodaikanal will be crowded with tourists so if you want to have a private romantic place then just climb on the rocky path to this beautiful waterfall and it is just 2kms away from Kodai lake so you can plan to visit it accordingly

Bryant Park:

Best greenish wonderland for your kids to enjoy this perfect picnic spot surrounded by all types of bushes and plants with various seasonal flowers to give the best treatment for your vision and to make your loved one get surprised just get her a rose from the rose garden. And you can start a walk from there to reach Coaker’s walk

Coaker's Walk:

You can start walking from the extended Coaker’s walk pathway to reach the Coaker’s walk point and get to see the panoramic view of the Kodaikanal hill

Kurinji Andavar Temple:

The trip won’t be fulfilled if you don’t visit the god of mountains who rule all the mountains and it is named after a flower which is very golden to see as it blooms once in 12 years and it is also golden to get the blessing of Lord Muruga can be attained at this temple.

Dolphin’s Nose:

An idiosyncratic place that resembles the cute water creature and human friend dolphin’s nose and the place is also named after that. One can have the best trekking experience here and it is always advisable to take the local guide’s support while going trekking as they know all the safety measures and the best trekking path.

Shenbaganur Museum:

One can get the opportunity of eye witnessing the finest and variety of orchidaceous plants in this museum which is almost 3000 various plants displaying an engrossing collection of butterflies, moths, snakes, and many more.

Pillar Rocks:

Aerial perspective of the pillar rocks will surely A flash of surprise and pleasure lit the fine eyes of the haughty beauty of the cylindrical shaped rocks crowded at a great height is a must-visit place in Kodaikanal ae can also reach the devil’s kitchen also called as guna cave from there

Guna Caves:

This is the place that everyone wanted to visit without missing it because after watching the tremendous beauty of the cave in the Tamil movie Guna acted by the legendary actor Kamal Hasan.

Pine Tree Forest:

The identity of Kodaikanal is this grown-up tall beauty that we have enjoyed watching in many Tamil movies. Yes, we’re talking about the dark pine forest the best place to make amazing photo memories and also get amazed by seeing the colossal view of the trees.

We are damn sure that even after visiting all those sites you won’t feel tired as this happiness will keep you stay more energetic and you will feel completely recharged to get back to work with a fresh mind and new ideas which will get you promotion in your career.

Happpyyyyyy Site seeing……………

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