Best 5 Tourist Spots in Hogenakkal

Best 5 Tourist Spots in Hogenakkal

04 Feb, 2022 | Taxida

Most of the places that we haven’t visited are inside India but then we all dream about going to foreign countries and seeing the sites abroad say Eifel tower in Paris, Niagara Falls in the united states but then we don’t bother to see the immense beauty of India.

Don’t tell me that we don’t have Niagara or Eiffel tower in India. Because you have missed the sites more beautiful than Eifel’s and Niagara is there in India. Have you ever seen the beauty of Howrah the sixth largest bridge? Or have you ever seen the beauty of Indian Niagara (hogenakkal falls)?

Yes, we do have all these sites in our own country without witnessing the beauty of our own country we all are wishing to go to other countries. If not us who else can be more proud of our country’s natural wealth isn’t it?

Our country’s economic wealth also relies on the tourist spots as well so if not us how can we expect another country people will visit our country to enjoy the best spots to visit.

We have all the natural resources when compared to any other country and that’s the only reason why all the other country people tried to rule us. To keep up this pride we should well maintain our country’s mesmerizing tourist spots and make it more popular for other people to envision it so for that we have to visit the places only then we can tell the word of mouth to others as well.

In that way, we all knew there are lots and lots of tourist spots are there in every nuke and corner of India and most especially in south India is the best place to witness the complete beauty of mother nature.

One among them in south India is Hogenakkal which is also called Indian Niagara Falls and this article will guide you on visiting the 5 best spots of hogenakkal

  • Hogenakkal WaterFalls & hanging bridge
  • Mettur dam
  • Pennagaram village
  • Theertha malai temple
  • Crocodile park
Hogenakkal WaterFalls & hanging bridge

A fall which is standing as a symbol of the very old history of south Asia with full of carbonatite rocks with Kaveri waterfalls from the mountaintop which looks like it creates smoke as the force of the water flow from the height and one can experience the traditional style of boating in a PARISAL which we have seen in the movie of “mudhal mariyathai” to get the authentic experience of rowing in a parisal boat also called as CORACLES, to enjoy this kind of boating then one should visit hogenakkal during dry-season.

Boating is allowed only during those dry seasons for the safety of the tourist as it is because only during the dry season force of the waterfall will be very less and so it won’t interrupt the boat.

And also one can see the beauty of 5 falls on the Karnataka side, from the viewing bridge where you can view the main 5 falls and all their immense beauty which cannot be seen from the coracle ride as it shows the Tamilnadu part of the falls and this is completely the other side of the falls.

The Hanging Bridge – The waterfalls from the hanging bridge will give you different views of the waterfalls which really make you fall in love with the scene and give you inner peace and happiness.

Mettur dam

Must visit the place to see the 9 years’ effort and the history of the manmade miracle of 1700 meters’ long dam built across the river Kaveri in the vast area of 15,540 hectares for irrigation purposes and the dam possess the scenic beauty of which the dam is surrounded with hills and greenery. Perfect photogenic spot for all the tourists and if you have love towards eating fresh fish then definitely this will be the right place where you can get the fresh fish from the fishers which can be cooked perfectly by the nearby hotels for you to taste it.

Best place to spend the perfect family time as it has Ellis Park is located right below the dam with the hydroelectric power station is located nearby and you can able to see the major insight of power generation from the park which gives good learning for your kids along with having fun and food.

Pennagaram village

To show the colours of our traditional terracotta statue called ayinars to your kids and to get your mind away from the busy city life one must visit this village which will also give great learning to your kids on how a village life will be.

Theertha malai temple

The word itself stands for theertham means the holy water given in the temple which purifies our mind all the negative vibes and thoughts and malai means mountain so this is the place where the holy water stream of Theerthagireeswar falls from. It is believed that after praying to lord shiva the stream that washed away the sins of Lord Rama killed Ravana

There are lot many recurring streams on Theerthamalai hill, which stands for the divine waters streams of various Hindu Gods. The Hanuman Theertham is also another must-visit temple of the hill.

Crocodile Park

This will be one of the best & fun places to make your kids enjoy and see the life of crocodiles at this highly maintained crocodile park and one can buy organically made products in the shop nearby the park. Worth the visit if you are going with the kids and they will be having real stories to share with their friends with the learning gained.

There are a lot many other interesting places that can be visited then and there near hogenakkal and that you would be surprised to see as you visit the place.

But do make sure to add these 5 best places of hogenakkal to your list of places to visit near Hogenakkal Falls and we are sure you won’t regret this visit.

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