Places to visit near Bengaluru during monsoon

Places to visit near Bengaluru during monsoon

16 Jun, 2023 | Taxida

Discover Karnataka's captivating monsoon getaways near Bangalore! Immerse yourself in the majestic Savandurga Hills, witness the breathtaking Shivanasamudra Falls, explore the heavenly Chikmagalur, marvel at the awe-inspiring Jog Falls, and find tranquility in the scenic hills of Coorg. Embark on thrilling adventures, soak in nature's beauty, and create unforgettable memories. Plan your weekend escape now and experience the magic of these stunning destinations.

1. Savandurga Hills

Savandurga Hills is located approximately 50 kilometers

Savandurga Hills, standing tall at an elevation of 1226 meters, hold the distinction of being the largest monolithic hills in Asia. Situated just 70 km to the east of Bangalore, it is a perfect offbeat weekend getaway, especially during June, offering a respite from the heat and providing a cooler destination for relaxation.

These hills are particularly suitable for professionals seeking a thrilling outing after a busy week. The top of Savandurga Hills offers magnificent panoramic views of the beautiful surrounding nature. It is an ideal place to explore the vast natural beauty and engage in adventurous activities like rock climbing. The smooth hill slopes make it suitable for trekking, and even rookie trekkers can complete the trek in about two days.

One unique aspect of visiting Savandurga Hills during the monsoon is the abundance of water in the river below, which allows for adventure activities. Additionally, the surrounding nature is at its best during this time, creating a picturesque and serene environment.

To reach Savandurga Hills from Bangalore, you can embark on a 1.5-hour journey via Mysore Road. Once you reach Ramnagar Road, look for a signboard directing you to Magadi. Follow this road for about 7 km until you come across another signboard indicating Savandurga. This will lead you to your destination.

Apart from the scenic beauty and adventurous activities at Savandurga Hills, there are other attractions for travelers in the vicinity. You can enjoy water sports activities and visit the Temple of Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy, adding more diversity to your trip.

2. Shivanasamudra Falls

Shivanasamudra Falls is situated around 135 kilometers

Shivanasamudra Falls, recommended as one of the most popular weekend getaways from Bangalore during the monsoon, offers a delightful sight of water gushing down the mountains. The name "Shiva Samudram" translates to "Shiva's Sea." The waterfalls are located on the Kaveri River and split into two streams, creating a small island in between. The western stream is known as Gaganachukki, while the eastern stream is called Bharachukki. With a height of 200 feet, the waterfalls create a magnificent spectacle as they discharge approximately 6.6 million cubic feet of water per second on an average day during the monsoon. It's a captivating sight to behold. However, during the peak monsoon, the waterfall can become quite violent, so swimming or engaging in water activities is not advisable.

Shivanasamudra Falls is situated about 130 km southwest of Bangalore. To reach the falls from Bangalore, you can drive for approximately 2.5 hours via Hosur road.

Apart from the waterfall itself, there are other attractions near Shivanasamudra Falls. One such attraction is the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, which offers an opportunity to explore the diverse flora and fauna of the region.

If you plan to visit Shivanasamudra Falls or any other attractions in the vicinity, you can consider using a taxi app like Taxida to conveniently travel around the area.

3. Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is located around 240 kilometers northwest of Bangalore

Chikmagalur, located in the Mullayanagiri Range in South Western Karnataka, is a popular monsoon getaway near Bangalore that offers a heavenly experience for travelers. Its strategic location makes it an ideal weekend getaway from both Bangalore and Mangalore.

Chikmagalur is known for its temples, waterfalls, lakes, and hills, and it is also home to breathtaking tea and coffee estates. For adventure enthusiasts and trekkers, it serves as a paradise in the south, offering activities like mountain biking and road biking. Situated about 242 km west of Bangalore, Chikmagalur can be reached via a 4-hour drive from the city.

One of the highlights of visiting Chikmagalur during the monsoon is the mild weather, which is perfect for engaging in outdoor activities. Additionally, the flora and fauna in the region are at their best during this season, creating a vibrant and lush environment.

Apart from the scenic beauty and outdoor activities, there are other attractions near Chikmagalur that are worth exploring. These include Mullayanagiri, the highest peak in Karnataka, Kudremukh National Park, and the Baba Budangiri Range. If you plan to visit Chikmagalur or any of its nearby attractions, you can consider using a taxi app like Taxida to conveniently travel around the area.

4. Jog Falls

Jog Falls is situated approximately 380 kilometers northwest of Bangalore.

Jog Falls, one of the most awe-inspiring sights in Karnataka, is a majestic creation of nature that stands out as a perfect choice among monsoon getaways near Bangalore. With a height of 253 meters, it is the second highest waterfall in India, second only to Nohkalikai Falls in Meghalaya. The views from the top of Jog Falls are truly unbelievable and will leave you spellbound.

Located approximately 423 km northwest of Bangalore, Jog Falls can be reached by a 7-hour ride via NH 48. During the monsoon, Jog Falls becomes even more mesmerizing. Witnessing the massive waterfall cascading down from a height of over 250 meters during the rainy season is an incredible and blissful experience.

In addition to Jog Falls, there are other attractions near the area worth exploring. These include Dabbe Falls and the Tunga Anicut Dam.

If you plan to visit Jog Falls or any of its nearby attractions, you can consider using a taxi app like Taxida to conveniently travel around the area.

5. Coorg

Coorg (also known as Kodagu) is located around 260 kilometers southwest of Bangalore

Coorg, a scenic and refreshing hill station in Karnataka, is a popular destination for those seeking a serene getaway. In addition to the lush green slopes and natural beauty, one must not miss the charming Namdroling Tibetan settlement nestled in the hills of Coorg. With its abundance of natural wonders and pleasant weather, Coorg provides the perfect setting to relax with loved ones or embark on a solo exploration. It is undoubtedly one of the sought-after weekend getaways near Bangalore, especially during the monsoon.

Coorg is located at a distance of approximately 250 km from Bangalore. To reach Coorg from Bangalore, you can take a 4 hours 50 minutes ride on NH 275 and Mysore Road.

One of the distinct experiences of visiting Coorg during the monsoon is the aroma of coffee permeating the air, as coffee plantations are abundant in the region. The refreshing greenery that comes alive during the rainy season adds to the allure of Coorg.

Apart from the general beauty of Coorg, there are other attractions worth visiting in the vicinity. These include Abbey Falls, Raja's Seat, and Nisargadhama. If you plan to visit Coorg or explore its nearby attractions, you can consider using a taxi app like Taxida to conveniently travel around the area.

Plan your weekend getaway now and create lasting memories in Karnataka's enchanting monsoon destinations.

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