Best 13 Tourist Places in Nilgiris to visit during Summer

Best 13 Tourist Places in Nilgiris to visit during Summer

02 May, 2022 | Taxida

Ooty, the former summer headquarters of Tamilnadu and is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Udhagamandalam is a picturesque town in Tamil Nadu that's ideal for people seeking a respite from city life. The area offers it all, from breathtaking valleys to awe-inspiring waterfalls, to interesting grasslands and luscious green tea gardens.

The green of the cover is a sight to behold as well as a solace for the spirit. Visitors flock to the hill station year-round to experience its enticing beauty. While its well-known botanical gardens are a great draw for those seeking peace, the area also offers a wide range of activities for those seeking excitement. Whatever type of vacation you're searching for, "The Queen of Hills," as it is often referred to has something for you. Coonoor, the sister city of Ooty, is also a great place to visit. Ooty and Coonoor have a lot of the most prominent tourist spots to visit.

hypnotic points of view It should come as no surprise that the greatest locations to visit in Ooty would awe you with their beauty, given that the region is home to hills, lakes, and tea plantations. The Nilgiri highlands in Tamil Nadu are a sight to behold, with endless green meadows and an emerald-colored lake that calms the souls of visitors. As a prominent hill station, Ooty has it all; from lush gardens to the ancient church, there's a lot to see and admire.

1. Botanical Garden:

Built in 1847 and covering 55 acres, the Botanical Garden is one of Ooty's most stunning green spaces. Lower Park, New Garden, Italian Garden, Conservatory, Waterfall Terrace, and Nurseries are all separate portions of the garden. Native and exotic flora, bushes, fern, medicinal herbs, and bonsai varieties are on display here. For nature enthusiasts and families looking for a fun day trip, this is a top pick in Ooty.

2. Rose Garden:

A must-see during your time in Ooty is the Rose Garden, which features over 3600 different species of roses. A 10-acre rose garden that was named the "Garden of Excellence" by the International Union of Rose Society (WFRS), is one of India's largest. Explore this area to admire and purchase plants and seedlings for your garden. It's without a doubt one of Ooty's nicest spots.

3. Pykara Lake:

Located in the Nilgiris, Pykara is a beautiful lake surrounded by lush greenery. That's not the only waterfall with the same name. Ooty is a popular tourist destination that may be reached by vehicle, bus, or private cab if you reside in the immediate area. People may hike to the waterfall, take a boat ride, and take in the beautiful valleys from atop the waterfall.

4. Nilgiri Mountain Railway:

Our list of the top Ooty attractions includes the World Heritage Site, popularly known as The Toy Train, which was created by the British. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience to ride the miniature train, which takes you through awe-inspiring vistas, deep forests, and a flowing river. As the train climbs higher in the mountains, you'll get a sense of just how special Nilgiri is. On the ride, you'll see a lot of beautiful scenery. You won't regret the five-hour journey to Ooty because it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

5. Avalanche Lake:

It's a lake formed by a landslide, and despite its misleading moniker, it's a great spot for a family vacation. As a nature enthusiast, this is among the must-see attractions in Ooty. Trout fishing, hiking, and camping are among the many activities available there, despite its far-flung location (28 kilometres from Ooty). In addition, the area is ideal for setting up a tent for the night. Nature has done a wonderful job of decorating this area with flowers and other beautiful things, making it look like a work of art.

6. Deer Park:

One of Ooty's biggest attractions for wildlife enthusiasts is this park. The park's name is apt because it contains a variety of deer species, including Chital Deer and Order to detect the presence Deer. There are also many wild animals in the park, including rabbits, hares, & birds.

A short walk from the Park lies Ooty Lake, where you may go and have a stroll. Ooty's most popular tourist attraction is also a habitat for a variety of plants and animals. There are a lot of hotels & restaurants within a short distance of the park if you'd want to stay for a longer period.

7. Doddabetta Peak:

Doddabetta Peak, one of Ooty's most popular trekking destinations, is a beautiful place to hike. It's the tallest mountain in the Nilgiris and offers stunning views from the top. This summit, at 2,623 metres, is about 10 kilometres from Ooty at the confluence of the western and eastern ghats.

There is a telescopic house with two observatories at the pinnacle of the mountain, which allows you to get a closer look at the surrounding area and the beautiful valley it is situated in. This is a great location for those who enjoy hiking, as there is a well-maintained track.

8. Kalhasti waterfall

About 14 km from Ooty, Kalhasti waterfall is another name for this place. It lies in Kalhatty village, water graciously descends down from a height of 120-122 feet. You're going to spot a wide variety of hill birds. Wildlife here includes Panthers, Bisons, Wild Buffaloes, Wild Dogs, Spotted Deers, Sambars, and monkeys.

Also, it is a house of various spices like cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, sandalwood, pepper, and rosewood. It is one of the Ooty famous places and also the perfect place for trekking in Ooty. Kalhatty Hills are going to a lot to your beautiful memories from Ooty.

9. Kamraj Sagar Waterfall

It is one of the must-see attractions in Ooty. The dam in Nilgiri village has become a popular picnic site for locals and visitors alike. The reservoir, which is surrounded by hills, is home to a variety of species, mainly trout. This reservoir, also known as the Sandynalla Reservoir, is a popular filming location. You can't help but take a picture of the beauty of this spot. It doesn't take long to get here, but it's one of Ooty's most peaceful tourist attractions, thanks to its beautiful scenery.

10. Dolphin’s Nose

Nature enthusiasts flock to this location. It's undeniable that the vista it provides is stunning. It's a great site for adventurers and photographers to add an adventurous flavour to Ooty's list of things to do. Catherine Falls, Nilgiri Hills, and a swath of vegetation fill the huge landscape.

A telescope is made available to you so that you may better appreciate the splendour that lies before you. It has a hypnotic effect on me. The Coonoor tea offered here will give you a boost. Because of the harsh winters, the ideal time to go is from March to May. There's no doubt about it: you'll be spellbound by this enchanted locale.

11. St. Stephen’s Church

This is a location where you can relax and recharge your spiritual batteries. A centre of worship, it's peaceful and serene, with wonderful vibes to help you feel at ease and at home. There is a lot of detail and elegance in the structure. To appreciate the structure, you'll be blown away by the carving's intrinsic detail and beauty. There is a beautiful and peaceful nature area within the Church's grounds, with a variety of flowers to add to the overall beauty and tranquilly. One of Ooty's most popular tourist attractions, the church also includes a cemetery.

12. Toda Huts

Were you hoping to get out of your comfort zone and do something a little out of the ordinary? Then Ooty's Toda Huts should be on your itinerary. It's one of the most popular sights in Ooty. These houses are the abode of the Toda people, an indigenous Ooty tribe. In these semi-barrel cottages, there is no way to open the doors or windows. Due to their unusual appearance, these structures will take your breath away.

It's necessary to bend down or stoop to enter such huts since the doorways are so low to the ground. However, when you enter, there is ample room for you to stand. Cattle grazing and farming are the primary sources of income for this tribe. Located 5.6 kilometres from Ooty's mainland, these Toda Hamlets are evidence that this society still exists.

13. Wax World Museum

Located just 2 kilometres from the centre of Ooty, the Wax World Museum is a must-see. The museum itself is a work of art. Many well-known Indian luminaries, including Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam, Mother Teresa, and Shirdi Sai Baba, are represented by wax figures on display inside the museum.

There is an indoor gallery that is open to the public all day long. The museum is a worthy rival to London's famous Madame Tussauds. Before or after your visit to the museum, treat yourself to a delicious meal at one of the area's outstanding dining establishments.

So we have made this detailed report on the most visiting places in Nilgris for our tourists to have a hassle-free trip.

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