5 Places to Visit Near Chennai in May to Beat Off the Summer

5 Places to Visit Near Chennai in May to Beat Off the Summer

07 Jun, 2022 | Taxida

It's not hard to figure out that Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is a seaside town that receives hot in the summer, especially in May and June. In May, the temperature slowly rises, and both locals and tourists start to feel the summer heat.

Why Should You Spend Your May 2021 Vacation Near Chennai and where? in this really hot summer? we can hear you better and came up with these 5 best-ever spots around Chennai within 100 km.

The only way to beat the scorching heat of the summer in Chennai in May, besides staying in air-conditioned rooms, driving in air-conditioned cars, and going to malls, is to go to one of the places near Chennai that has a pleasant climate in May. If you also want to experience a relaxing climate around Chennai in May, you need to learn more.

You need to cool down your body and mind by going on a trip in May to one of the summer vacation destinations near Chennai. You're in for a treat if you're reading this post. We'll tell you about the best places for tourists near Chennai in May, where they can escape the heat without breaking the bank.

To get rid of the idea that you can't go on vacation around Chennai in the summer. Once you decided to take a vacation near Chennai in May 2021, users will find out that people who live there have many ways to escape the hot summers.

During the hot Chennai summers, rooms, and cars with air conditioning was not the only way of staying cool. You might be surprised to learn that there are many great places to get away from the summer heat around Chennai in May. It's possible to breathe in the fresh mountain air, and it's relaxing to watch the sun dance through acres of beautiful greenery around cocoa farms in hill stations near Chennai.

Kailasakona Waterfalls (90 km from Chennai)

Kailasakona Waterfalls is a natural waterfall in the valley of Nagari hills in the Chittoor District. It is 13 km away from Puttur, 25 km away from Nagari, 46 km from Tirupati, 92 km from Chennai, 76 km from Chittoor, 86 km from Kanipakam, and 85 km from Kanchipuram, and the 110 km from Vellore. The water comes from a crack in a large rock mass.

The waterfalls are about 30 metres high, and the water falls into a tiny pond underneath the rock. The water here is quite clear, has a lot of minerals and healing powers, and can help people who are sick. The tourists can't go up the hill to the top of the falls.

Near the waterfall, there is a small temple with Lord Shiva and Parvati statues. The legend says that Lord Kailasanatheswara Swamy came to earth to watch Lord Venkateswara Swami marry Goddess Padmavathi at Narayanavanam, which is 9 km from Kailasakona falls. Lord Kailasanatheswara liked how peaceful and beautiful this place was, so he stayed here to meditate. This is where the name Kailasakona comes from.

Kailasakona is easy to get to and has great transportation options. Cars can drive right up to the base of waterfalls. From Tirupati and Puttur, you can book our Taxida cabs for Kailasakona waterfalls. Haritha Hotel is a guest house that AP Tourism built near the Kailasakona waterfalls so that visitors can stay there. On the Puttur bye pass road, there is also a place called Punnami Highway Resort.

Tada Falls/Ubbalamadugu falls (90kms from Chennai)

Do you have a hunger for trekking? If so, you should spend a day at Ubbalamadugu Falls, which is one of the top tourist attractions near Chennai in May. You can start a trekking trail here, where you can see the hills, a lush valley, and mist even in May. This place is also called this same Tada Falls. At the base camp, there is a place to park your car.

Once you get there, the walk is about 10 kilometres, which gives you time to look at the beautiful piece of nature. In mythology, Ubbalamadugu Falls is thought to be holy because it is linked to Lord Shiva. The water at the waterfall is clear enough to bathe and swim in. If you want to have a picnic near Chennai in May and are willing to drive about 100 kilometres, this is a good place to think about.

Visitors have to go through the village of Varadaiahpalem, which is around 12 km from the falls, to get there. There is only a rough path for 7 km, and the rest of the way has to trek. The best way to get to the trekking place to start is in an SUV or a car with high ground clearance. From the village of Varadaiahpalem, you can also hire an auto to take you to the start of the trek.

Visitors have to go through the village of Varadaiahpalem, which is around 12 km from the falls, to get there. There is only a rough path for 7 km, and the rest of the way has to trek. The best way to get to the trekking place to start is in an SUV or a car with high ground clearance. From the village of Varadaiahpalem, you can also hire an auto to take you to the start of the trek. In Varadaiahpalem village, there aren't many arrow marks to help you find your way, so it's best to hire a local as a guide. The total distance of the hike is about 10 km each way, which is a bit hard and should only be done by people who are in good shape.

You have to cross a small bridge as soon as it enters the forest. Throughout the trip, people can see how clear the water is. On the manner to the falls, the first 1.5 km of the trek is easy, so there is a flow next to the Shiva temple. Along the way to the falls, there is a stream.

The first level of the falls is a pretty spot with a pool of water, a thick forest, and rocky formations. The second level of the drops is much more beautiful and peaceful, but getting there is hard because you have to walk over steep boulders.

Sirumalai (160 KMs from Chennai)

In Tamilnadu, India, Sirumalai occupies 60,000 acres (60,000 ac) of land located 25 kilometres from Dindigul and 90 kilometres from Madurai. It's a dense woodland with a laid-back vibe all year round. You may sample a wide range of plants and animals at a height of 1600 metres above sea level. The sirumalai hill has a total of 18 plot twists. . Sirumalai's significance and history go way back. There are a number of different tribes living in the area, and they all converse in Tamil.

A tiny artificial lake may be seen in Sirumalai. When there is enough water in the lake, boating is usually possible on the weekends.

Even though there are just a few locations to explore in the sirumalai hills, the Observation Tower near the 17th hairpin turn provides an excellent view.

For those interested in visiting the Khandige estate, which spans 1000 acres and is located in the Sirumalai Hills region of Tamil Nadu's Dindigul district and is drained by three streams, two of which are never-ending and flow through the Khandige estate before descending into the fields in a series of falls, Sirumalai is an excellent choice.

Dindigul and the nearby city of Chinnamalai, which seem oval-shaped when illuminated at sunset, can be seen from the Selvi Koil Point. Other places to visit near sirumalai Hills were Silver Hills, Sanjeevani Hills and Saathiyar Basin.

Nagalapuram (90 km from Chennai)

Nagalapuram is one of Chittoor district's most picturesque hill stations and a popular hiking destination across the country. At every rest stop, the four waterfalls provide the trekkers with the most stunning and comforting vistas.

The Arai Village is the starting point for the hike to the waterfalls, which begins at the Nagala Dam. Visitors are greeted by the tranquility of the dam, which points the way to the waterfalls. Before reaching the water stream, the trail is straightforward and flat.

Every step after that is incredibly difficult, and trekkers must pay attention to every one of them. Water, as we know it, is both beautiful and brutal in equal measure. Whenever the sun is directly overhead, the falls and the pools they form provide welcome relief to weary hikers. Seeing a pool of icy water at the end of a long, hot hike brings a sense of relief that can't be described. When you're sprinting into the pool, it's not every day that you get to throw your backpack and shoes to the ground and dive into the water like that.

Pulicat Lake & Sanctuary (90 Kms from Chennai)

In India, the pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary is among the most popular. Ornithologists and bird enthusiasts alike will feel quite at home at this Sanctuary. Pulicat is the second-largest brackish water ecosystem in India, after Lake Chilika in Orissa.

It has an area of 481 square kilometres. Pulicat is a highly vulnerable ecosystem that is on the verge of extinction owing to over-siltation. A group of environmentalists is actively working to have Pulicat recognized as a Ramsar site. This Sanctuary's ambience exemplifies the word "calm."

Biologically, Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary has a wide variety of habitats to choose from. Micro-ecosystems abound in this environmentally sensitive area, with 160 fish species, 12 types of prawns, 25 types of polychaete worms, and 19 types of molluscs among the many species found here. The migrating birds that frequent this sanctuary are among its chief draws.

A wide range of activities is available at the Sanctuary, including hiking through the diverse forestation and bird safaris and bird watching. On the lake, a flat-bottomed boat can be used instead of a powered boat for traditional punting or sailing, which encourages eco-tourism. Birdwatching at the Sanctuary is an amazing experience, especially just before sunset when the birds take a flight to perch, to view their diverse hues against the evening sky is the ultimate expression of nature's beauty.

So Yes, these are the places that we have picked up as the top spots to visit and chill out during this May for you and we have chosen the most of the mesmerizing spots that are not more than 100 km from Chennai so what stops you book a luxurious cab of your choice at Taxida and start the ride and stay cooler than anyone else.

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