Best Places Near Chennai for 4-Day Trips

Best Places Near Chennai for 4-Day Trips

18 Feb, 2022 | Taxida

We always plan for a short trip for a minimum of a couple of days or three days but then we miss out on planning the route properly or we might have missed deciding the sites that are popular in and around the location that we shouldn’t miss out. It’s all because of a lack of planning.

Best trip needs the best plan with proper timing to reach the place and for site seeing so a minimum of 4 days of the trip will be sufficient to reach the spot, take rest and hop into have fun by visiting sites.

Most of us will plan the place but we won’t make it to the place at the right time as we get deviated from the place on the way and with whomever, we travel does matter because we need to entertain and make each one of them satisfied with the trip. Say for example if you are travelling with your family then your parents might love to visit temples and the kids need some adventure and your partner needs something romantic so it is necessary to plan accordingly.

But how to satisfy everybody’s wish and that too within 4 days will be another challenge and that’s why we say proper planning of the location that you are going to visit and the sites you have given priority will make the trip the best and the favourite one for all trip mates.

And while planning a short trip keep the travelling distance in mind as well if we are in travel for so long we will be exhausted when we reach the spot and we will not be in the mood of visiting the lovely spots that need to be befall.

So without Kick the Can Down the Road and to make the trip short and sweet we give you the proper plan to visit the unique places that can fall on satisfying almost everyone by visiting almost all the entertaining spots like beaches, sanctuaries, temples, and hill station all within 4 days? Yes, you have heard it right route our plan and schedule will let you reach all the different terrain.

So the start of the trip can be from Chennai or the mid of Tamilnadu. If it’s from mid-Tamilnadu then the plan has to be executed upside down.

Now we see the plan from that starting point,

  1. Chennai-Mahabalipuram - 58 km 1 hr 30 min
  2. Mahabalipuram-Chengalpattu - 28 km 35min
  3. Chengalpattu-Kancheepuram - 40 km 1 hr
  4. Kancheepuram Vellore - 71 km 1 hr 24 min
  5. Vellore Yelagiri - 91 km 2 hr
MAHABALIPURAMA mass spot of monuments at the shore

Gather together with a large amount of beautifully carved temples and rock-cut caves, Mahabalipuram is another gemstone in the crown of Tamil Nadu. The city offers alluring sand beaches and delightful exotic shopping experiences to tourists that they can’t deny. Starting from the architecture to the peacefulness, the pleasing atmosphere, and the impressive Shore is what this city renders to travellers.

Other must-visit in Mahabalipuram if time permits one may like to explore The Crocodile Bank, where a variety of crocodiles and alligator species can be seen and the kids will get entertained. The Panch Rathas are five rock marvels it has been named after the temple is built with different materials and the best beach Kovalam famously known as fishing villages has been changed to one of the tourist spots along with the facility of tasting various seafood varieties and also one should not miss out on one of the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage sites.

VEDANTHANGALMultitude birds boarding house

A place of serenity is the place where birds visit, Vedanthangal is close to Mahabalipuram district so it is easy to travel from Mahabalipuram, on the go one can visit this sanctuary. And more than this Vedanthangal sanctuaries is home to at least 40,000 birds almost 26 rare species of migrant birds including pintail, garganey, grey wagtail, blue-winged teal, common sandpiper, and many more.

All these birds travel from various countries by crossing different continents by flying more than thousands and thousands of kilometres, so you should not miss visiting these rare species during migration season.

KANCHEEPURAMGolden city of temples

Kanchipuram is one of the best holy pilgrimage destinations for any is interested in learning Hindu culture and India’s heritage. This location stands as a symbol of vintage beauty where you can learn more and admire the architectural knowledge of our ancestors by witnessing the very old temple and the sculptures.

Kancheepuram is also Popular for Kanchipuram sarees. The city attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world who are in love with Hinduism and the Hindu culture or simply want to enjoy the marvelous beauty of South Indian architectural grandeur.

The must-visit temples are Kanchi Kamakshi Temple, Kailasanathar Temple, and Ekambareswarar Temple as it has 1000’s temples which you can’t cover in one visit so this list must help you and one should not miss the cultural programs and car festival during the festive season. if you are taking your spiritual parents along with you on this trip then Kanchipuram should be on your must-visit bucket list.

VELLOREThe leather hub of India

Vellore is the Topmost in exporting the finished leather goods and which also tops in Forts in Tamilnadu as it has the historical symbol called Fort Vellore built by great king Tippusultan and also Vellore has various attractive temples to be visited. One of the brilliant temples which are crafted and designed completely with GOLD is a real mesmerizing beauty and you can find inner peace in the calmness of the temple environment.

One of the oldest churches which follows the Anglican tradition called St. John’s Church can be witnessed in Vellore and also visit a Periyar park which is the best picnic spot to spend quality time with your family members.

YELAGIRITop-notch trekking spot

Last but not least in the list, this destination will be a breath-taking hill station which is at an elevation of 4,626 feet and it is surrounded by prepossessing green valleys which make this the perfect destination for trekking and as we said in the first place to make your trip more romantic with your loved one then this will be the ideal destination and the best fit to spend with your loving life partner. Trek to Swami Malai Hill and to the hills of Javadi and Palamathi which will give you the experience of trekking through the dense forest filled with greenery.

This will be the best 4 days travel plan for anyone by covering almost all kinds of spots like adventurous mountain trips, exciting beach destinations, soothing temples, and enjoying bird sanctuary also the pride forts Finally, you can be back to your routine by travelling back from Yelagiri to Chennai within 5 hours and having loving memory to recall for a lifetime.

Happy travelling………

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