6 Best Places To Go Shopping In Chennai

6 Best Places To Go Shopping In Chennai

18 Sep, 2020 | Taxida

A trip to Chennai is incomplete without exploring the top shopping centers in the city. This stunning city has something to offer for all types of dressers, be it traditional or funky. Chennai is a paradise for shopaholics as it has many awe-inspiring bazaars and shopping places where you can find all the latest trends at budgeted rates.

Have a look at the 6 best shopping places to see in Chennai:

T Nagar
T Nagar aka Thyagaraya Nagar is the go-to place for shopping in Chennai. Though it was a residential area in the initial days, it's now one of the prominent spots for shopping in the city. It is also regarded as the country's largest shopping district in terms of revenue. It is the best place to shop for both budget dwellers and lavish shoppers. From gold jewelry to trendy apparel to commodities, you can get it all in this place. The place is always bustling with people at all times of the day. You can even get the goodies at a cheap price if you have the knack for bargaining.

Pondy Bazaar
Pondy Bazaar is another famous bazaar in the city that is flocked by people for its huge collections of salwar materials, fashion accessories, kurtas, handbags, fake watches, junk jewelry, mobile covers, and footwear. Though it is a part of T Nagar, it has a following of its own. The streets of Pondy Bazaar are filled with small and big shops that sell daily use knick-knacks. This place is regarded as a haven for college-goers to keep updated with the latest trends. Simply put, it houses everything that you could require at stunningly low prices.

Ritchie Street
Ritchie Street is the second-largest hub for electronics in India. There are over 2000 shops in the market. It consists of narrow lanes that are loaded with nearly 2000 shops. It was previously called the Radio Market, as radios were largely sold in the early days. You can get all sorts of electronics. TV, computers, laptops, robotics, led lighting, mobile, CCTV camera, and other modern gadgets at a steeper price range. As the streets are quite narrow and crowded, it is not too vehicle-friendly. You can buy any electronic devices you want at half price if you have strong bargaining skills or you should shop with the locals.

George Town
If you want to experience the traditional and real taste of Chennai, then you should explore the streets of George Town. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Chennai and the place is jammed up with shops that sell as the local buys. It is considered to be the most crowded shopping spot in the city. Burma Bazaar in George Town is the go-to place for saree lovers as you can find all trendy and traditional sarees here. The market is popular for selling gorgeous silk sarees, electronic goods, toys, jewelry, fabrics, perfumes, gift items, readymade garments, stationery items, handicrafts, mobile accessories, shoes, and whatnot at economical prices.

Sowcarpet is the one-stop destination to get all North Indian goodies. It is fondly called "Mini Rajasthan of Chennai" as it is a multi-lined shopping spot with endless small shops selling sarees, cholis, fabrics, lehengas, salwar suits, and fashion accessories that are inspired by North India. Situated in Peddanaickenpet, George Town in the northern part of Chennai, the place is predominantly inhabited by North Indians. Dazzling readymade garments are sold here. Though the majority of shopkeepers descend from the North, they have no issues in conversing in both Hindi or Tamil. You can buy things you want in bulk (wholesale) to save money.

Parry's Corner
Parry’s Corner is one of the best wholesale bazaars in the city. It is one of the must-visit shopping places in Chennai. It is a key business district in the city and is named after the dynamic Welsh businessman, Thomas Parry. It is also a part of George Town and is located very near to the Chennai Port. From household things to cosmetics to decorative handicraft pieces, you can find almost everything here at reasonable prices. What is so special about this place is that each street here sells only one specific type of product. As the streets are always crowded, the best way to shop is by walking or by two-wheelers.

So why wait? Get your purse and indulge yourself in a shopping spree!
Happy Shopping!

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