7 Best Places to See in Kodaikanal

7 Best Places to See in Kodaikanal - Taxida

07 Jan, 2022 | Taxida

“Get Gravitate Towards Nature’s Love and It Will Rinses your Heart & Soul To Stay Healthy” so explore the best places in Kodaikanal.

“Nonpareil” is the cent per cent apt term to describe the ravishing beauty of Kodaikanal and that is the main reason it stands as “Princess of all the Hill stations”.

The statuesque beauty of Kodaikanal can make any visitor left bewitching. So who can deny experiencing the enchanting beauty by visiting the best places in Kodaikanal, isn’t it?

But then, if you are a new sightseer you will be left clueless about the best places to visit in Kodaikanal and if you are a revisited then you will be more confused what are the best places that you have missed when you visited before right?

You are in the best hands now, so you need not give another thought if you read this guide to choose the 7 best places to visit in Kodaikanal. Come let us see the preeminent places that you will regret if you miss visiting

  • Coakers Walk
  • Kodaikanal Lake
  • Pine Forest
  • Dolphin's Nose
  • Bryant Park
  • Guna Cave
  • Kurinji Andavar Temple

Coakers WalkFeel the warmth of togetherness with a romantic walk

If you are a couple, then definitely you and your love will be lost in the beauty of the hills and also you will surely make your loving couple say that this will be the best time of her life. There won’t be any other convincing spot to feel the essence of love by a romantic walk ever in your lifetime.

Kodaikanal LakeRow it lovey-dovey with your partner to make an unforgettable memory

The speciality of the lake is unbelievable because it’s human-made, we know that you are surprised to know this, but yes, that’s the fact. You can enjoy the beauty and the silence that everyone always wanted to experience as a couple, as well as most of us, wanted ourselves by keeping away from the asphalt jungle.

To make the lake shiny and dazzle it has been shaped like a STAR so that we can shimmer with the joy of rowing the boat with all our loved ones.

Pine ForestLose your mind & soul amongst trees of tall green deep woods

If you are a green activist, then definitely you have to visit this pine forest where you can see the blessings of mother nature in the form of trees and you can make your kids fall in love with mother nature, this may encourage and initiate the thoughts of conserving the forest. So teach them good deeds with a trip to this amazing location in Kodaikanal

Dolphin's NoseExplore the best beauty of nature from the heights to gust your minds

To experience the highest level of adventure one should come out of their comfort zone and there is a saying that when there is a problem try keeping it far from our view so that we can get a different point of view to reach a solution.

Same way, a fantabulous view with the sound of nature can be experienced if you reach this point and it resembles the dolphin’s snout with different landforms along with the steep, rocky mountain wearing a beautiful snowy cap decorated with the foggy cloud.

Bryant ParkMake amazing memories by taking snappy shots with wondrous nature

Who does not love a park right the place where the smell of newly blossomed flowers with lots of colourful butterflies and the sound of birds chirping nearby a big lake will surely steal the hearts of adults to kids.

And this Park fulfils all our expectations for relaxation with our loving family and also make the best spot for taking trendy selfies as well as groupie pic with a dashing flowery background.

Guna CaveVisit the reality of unbelievable bizarre location from your nightmare

Imagine a way covered with trees and the extended long roots from the trees take a lead into a dark cave where lots of bats make their stay and it is named after the movie GUNA and a soothing song shoot took place inside the cave before that it was mentioned as devil’s kitchen as there were no lights with the bats living in it.

Kurinji Andavar TempleReach the Divinity in the abode of hills to receive the blessings with bliss

If you have a very religious life partner or if you have visited with your parents who shows loving devotion towards God then you must take them to this temple named after a rarely blooming flower called KURUNJI, which has the speciality of blooming only 12 years once. You may seek the much-needed blessing along with peace and inner happiness from kurunji Murugan.

Leaving all the fuss of your busy life behind and start falling in the hands of mother nature along with your loved ones, who nurture us, and taking a nap on the lap of mother nature, is the real happiness that no one can resist visiting the cutest princess of hers called KODAIKANAL.

And never miss out on additional adventures including cycling, boating, horse riding to make your trip a complete one.

We made this rare choice for you to visit as we have expertise in what we are doing, so come explore the mesmerizing mountain beauty with the 7 best pick places of KODAIKANAL.

Happy touringgggggggggg….

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