Best 10 Hidden Places in Andhra Pradesh

Best 10 Hidden Places in Andhra Pradesh

27 Aug, 2022 | Taxida

Andhra Pradesh is a state in the southeastern coastal area of India known for its diverse cultural heritage and the gorgeous rivers and temples running through its territory. And have you visited every tourist trap and commonplace already?

Andhra Pradesh is full of surprises, from century-old temples to a hill station that freezes over in the winter to mangrove forests. Here, we have compiled a list of sites you should visit in Andhra Pradesh if you want to venture off the beaten road while there. The state is home to many lesser-known attractions perfect for tourists and pilgrims.

The cities of Kakinada, Dindi, and Rajahmundry are some of the less well-known sites in Andhra Pradesh; as a result, they are the ideal locations for weekend trips.

1. Lambasingi

The Eastern Ghats are home to the teeny-tiny settlement known as Lambasingi. Even in the heat of summer, visitors can expect the weather to be on the cool side at this destination, also one of the location's unique selling points. It is frequently referred to as the "Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh," and for a good reason. Because temperatures here regularly exceed 10 degrees Celsius and remain consistently near zero degrees Celsius, snowfall, which is only seldom observed in southern India, can be seen here. In contrast, snowfall is rarely seen in southern India.

Visitors to this region will be surprised to learn that settlements as near as 10 kilometres away from Lambasingi have average temperatures 25 to 35 degrees higher than this village. Travellers to this region would be amazed to learn this information. The Lambasingi Hillock is chilly and foggy by the wind blowing from the Chintapalli area's many kinds of wood and canyons. This area is also very well known for the coffee and pepper plantations that are located there. In this region's winter depths, the mercury occasionally dips below 0 degrees Celsius.

2. Yaganti

The Uma Maheshwara Temple of Lord Shiva may be found in the town of Yaganti, located in the Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. The Pallavas, Cholas, Chalukyas, and Vijayanagara kingdoms significantly contributed to the temple's construction for thousands of years. The temple dates back to the 5th and 6th centuries.

Important additions were made to the temple by the Kings of Vijayanagara, Harihara, and Bukka Rayalu, who also completed the construction of several buildings inside and all around the temple. This is almost certainly the only location where an image of Lord Shiva, rather than a Shiva Linga, is revered.

A further unusual feature of the temple is the Nandi figure, growing in size over time. The town of Yaganti may take advantage of the Yerramala hills' unparalleled natural beauty and desirable location thanks to its hilltop setting.

3. Lepakshi

It is possible to visit Lepakshi in a single day from Bangalore due to its convenient location in the Anantpur Andhra Pradesh State, which is a little over 120 kilometres away from the city of Bangalore and 15 kilometres from the town of Hindpur. The region is well-known throughout southern India for the presence of three temples devoted to the gods Shiva and Vishnu. A massive Nandi bull sculpted out of a single piece of rock is another one of the most noteworthy features of the location.

A teeny tiny hillock that looks like the back of a tortoise can also be found there, and it serves as an attraction. The temples of Lepakshi are known for a variety of specialties; on the walls of these temples are depictions of numerous scenarios from Hindu religious texts, such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. These writings are considered holy to Hindus. Lepakshi is a town filled with architecture and various colours, and it welcomes travellers to explore and discover.

4. Papi Kondalu

Papi Kondalu is a magnificent mountain range in Andhra Pradesh. It is a portion of the Eastern Ghats and can be found on either side of the Godavari River. This mountain range is surrounded by lush tropical and evergreen rain forests, which provide stunning landscape vistas. The most important entry points into the region are Bhadrachalam and Rajahmundry; hence, visitors must take a boat ride to reach any of the destinations in the region.

The locals keep busy with various pursuits, including fishing, farming, and the production of handicrafts. On the journey to Papi-Kondalu, travellers will be able to observe evidence of the several communities that have set up permanent houses in the Perantalapalli and Pattiseema regions. Telugu is the most common language that people speak in this region.

Tribal people inhabit this stunningly beautiful place, and it is a destination that draws tourists due to the tranquil setting and the waterfalls found there. Lord Rama and Goddess Sita often visited the location during their exile. Papi Kondalu is purported to be a spot where one can wash away their transgressions, as the folklore goes.

5. Ethipothala Waterfalls

The beautiful Ethipothala Waterfalls are a well-known picnic destination located 11 kilometres downstream from the Nagarjuna Sagar dam in a breathtaking valley. The Chandravankas stream eventually empties into this pond at this location. The Muthukuru gorge in the Nallamala hills is where the Chandra Vanka river begins its journey. The river drops over 20 metres (nearly 60 feet) from an elevation.

Before it enters the Tumurukota reserve forest and this location known as "Ethipothala Falls," it must first make its way to the Krishna River, which it does at the end. The period right after or during the monsoons, when the flood waters are at their highest, is the ideal time to see Ethipothala Falls. Although visitors are not allowed to go all the way to the bottom of the waterfall, looking at it is a relaxing experience.

6. Pakhal Lake

Not only does the stunning city of Warangal contain some incredible monuments, but it is also a popular tourism destination due to the breathtaking Pakhal Lake. Pakhal may be reached from the city of Warangal by travelling around 50 kilometres to the east. If you want to feel like you're in heaven while still on earth, you can't pass up the opportunity to see this beautiful lake when the moon is out.

What more could a person want than the brightly sparkling moon, the sound of the sea chatting down the coast, and the company of someone they care about? This is considered one of the best picnic areas in Warangal. Pakhal Lake offers you a relaxing and reassuring journey among the undulating hills and valleys of the surrounding forest.

The Kakatiya king Ganapathi Dev commissioned the lake's construction in 1213 AD. This beautiful Pakhal Lake, surrounded by picturesque hills covered in forest, extends across an area of thirty square kilometres.

7. Gandikota

The village of Gandikota is located in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. It is famous for its fort near the canyon formed by the river Pennar and the Erramala hills. As a result of the canyon's growing notoriety in recent years, people have started referring to it as the "Grand Canyon of India." If there was a prolonged period of drought, the Nayakas could access the food stored in the granary that was located near the entrance to the fort.

Inside the walls of the fort complex are three mosques, two temples, and a pagoda. The fort complex also includes some stunning gardens. Other buildings found within the fort include:

  • A large granary.
  • An ornate "Pigeon Tower" with windows.
  • A palace was constructed out of brick and painted.

In addition, there is the "Rayalacheruvu," known for its ever-flowing springs and rumoured to have pipes leading to a pond in the Jamia Masjid. There is updated antique writing on a boulder that can be found close to Nagajhari, right outside the fort. The writing describes a gift of two fields to the temple. Another pleasant destination not far from Gandikota is the Mylavaram reservoir, constructed on River Pennar.

8. The Orvakal Rock Garden

The Orvakal Rock Garden is a fantastic location with abundant naturally beautiful rock formations. It is only three kilometres away from the village of Orvakal. Orvakal Rock Garden is a unique location that features quartz and silica rock formations and is surrounded by stunning scenery. The natural lake in the heart of the site is surrounded by rocks that have been sculpted in such a way as to add to the exquisiteness of the location. This should be on your itinerary if you're in the area of Kurnool. The rocks cover an area of about 20 hectares (50 acres).

At the entrance, there is a pavement that has been made through the formations, and this allows visitors to the site to explore the natural beauty of the area. In the centre of the hilltop is a metal animal garden with several large animal structures created with iron, adding a layer of magnetism to the site. The restaurant is located near a suitable parking area and a children's play area. September through February are ideal for a visit to this breathtaking location since the lake is at its fullest during those months, and the surrounding landscape is at its most beautiful.

9. The Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

The Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary, located off the coast of Kakinada, is a beautiful place to visit for amusement and educational purposes. The Coringa mangrove is well-known for its flora and wildlife and is generally considered the 2nd most extensive mangrove forest in India after the Sundarbans in West Bengal. The local community of Coringa inspired the naming this wildlife preserve, which bears its name.

In 1978, the area designated a sanctum because it was home to various uncommon types of mangroves and unique species of animals and birds. The mangroves have adapted to the environment that it grows to become more successful. In addition, plants and herbs are substantially developed around the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary. This area is home to a diverse collection of salt-resistant plant species.

10. Yanam

The well-known destination on the country's eastern coast of the country is called Yanam. It has a border with the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh and is around 30 square kilometres away from the community proper. Spots in Yanam to find a more tranquil atmosphere. It is a sight to behold due to its abundance of coconut trees. Near the river, visitors can take advantage of the cool breeze and enjoy themselves.

People with a solid connection to the outdoors would adore living in the city because it is encircled by breathtaking scenery. In addition, travellers will notice a variety of statues positioned on either side of the route. You can take a tour of the evergreen mangrove forest by hiring a boat and travelling across the area.

These unexpected halting places are geared up and ready to astonish you and give you access to various enduring experiences.

Therefore, why not create a travel itinerary to Andhra Pradesh and immerse yourself in a quaint world filled with waterfalls, islands, and hills? Let's make some progress, and let's book the cab with TAXIDA to know more about the splendour of the largely undiscovered Andhra Pradesh, shall we? If you enjoy going off the beaten road, the places mentioned above are some of the most important ones to check out.

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